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Hello Everyone, I've run into some issues recently with importing a library of I/O cells provided for our technology, Global Foundaries GF 8RF-DM (previously 130nm IBM cmrf8sf). I am now creating a pad-ring for our completed core circuit but am running into many issues regarding LVS. I have communicated with the library provider (ARM) regardi
Hello Can anyone tell me and explain to me how can i use the FIFO memory to synchronize my FFT core with it? I need to control my FFT core completely and i have tried many ways but still no result, so i want to know how can make use of my FIFO to control the data streaming into my FFT core. If you can help me to solve this issue in my design i wo
Hi all. Hopefully someone here can help advise me on this issue. I have an iPod/music player called a Bowers & Wilkins 'Zeppelin air' that stopped working a while ago. Zero power to the unit despite fuses and external supply being good. The power supply board in the unit is known to be the fault with these devices. So I removed the board to s
And she comes in Monday morning and says "Oh - I got a streaming video player, I don't watch DVD's any more" :) :) :)
Potentially all operations that can't be implemented with microcontrollers due to lack of respective hardware interfaces.Pls be specific. There are applications requiring the ability of the circuit to perform almost real-time operations, such as dealing with video streaming, protocol conversio
these refer to start of packet and end of packet. they are part of the avalon streaming protocol (they dont have to be used)
Hi! First of all, I hope this is in the correct forum section. We have a problem that I hope someone could help us with. We have a unit streaming out a 16 bit number using 16 LVDS channels at a rate of 180 MHz. The connector is a 68 pin VHDIC. Together with the data a clock signal is sent. I would like to interface two of these to a computer
you can get the streaming pictures and store it. but the application should support the option for getting the frames. some link for setting wifilinux:
For voice it is adequate to have 4k to 8k samples per second. (I think I once heard 8k is a speed used for audio streaming over the internet.) Hence if you wish to store 10 seconds of sound, you'll need 40k to 80k bytes. 256 possible data values is satisfactory. This is convenient to have one byte per sample. 5-bit DAC playback... There is a cha
Hi, I'm going to work on a automotive project, here the requirement to automate the video streaming through CAPL script? is it possible to do that? It is too urgent requirement, can any one please help me.....
I have a DVR camera with a serial port and also an ethernet port. 4 cameras are connected to this DVR. I can connect this ethernet or serial port to my controller. From my controller board (running on ubuntu ) which also has GSM, would I be able to stream the video to a server ?
fs = 1760; % sampling rate You may hear musical tones at this low a sample rate. However sample rates for audio are normally much greater than this. I heard the figure 8kHz for video streaming. CD quality is 44.1 kHz.
Hi , I would like to design a WifiDirect Camera Hardware that streams and records video. I have the requirement as follows. 1) It should be compact size (half the size of palm) 2) It should have both Bluetooth and wifi direct. 3) It should have slot for micro ssd. 4) It should be a night vision camera with PAL or NTSC Can you guys help
I want to use FT2232H in fifo mode for streaming out data. The external altera FPGA reads the FT2232H at a fixed rate of 48kb/s. On my PC side, what I need to do is to continuously check the number of bytes in the transmit queue. If the bytes falls below 32, the program will feed 256 bytes using FT_write. But when I use FT_GetStatus(ftHandle,@RxByt
Here's a link to the project :) "The BAL, a development board for Bluetooth Audio devices. With BAL you can do a number of things, ranging from simply connecting your phone or laptop and streaming high quality, pop free, stereo audio from it, to more complex features
Hey Guys My ADSL keeps on going out of sync and dropping the connection, roughly 10 seconds then it will get back on. It is extremely annoying since I cant seem to stay connected to anything that requires a constant connection. streaming/Gaming/Downloading even opening large websites. I have a 2Mb line where I live. It is suppose to sync at
Hello, I am building a landmine detective robot with my group for our third year project. My part in the project consists of building a web page in order to display the live streaming from the cameras and to control the robot. I have already built the web page using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Also I'm responsible for the communication of the projec
Dear all I am doing a project on video streaming in Long Term Evolution(LTE). I have taken ultrasound sample as my input video is of size 36 mb i used H.264 coding standard compressed it to 355kb as a resultant bitstream, from this step i could not procced further my objective is to carry that 355kb bitstream.mat file in LTE OFDM . Please help m
Which is the bluetooth chipset used for video streaming for streaming the video from mobile to TV?
Hi all, for my thesis work i am planning to simulate video streaming in QUALNET. does anyone know how to simulate it.... please do help me with the simulation procedure. and also i need your suggestions also. Thank You