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Hi All i want to compare the data received from RCREG of PIC 16f877a and store it in a array and compare it with the array Which i already declared and take decision accordingly. Pls find the code below.. The problem is it is only comparing character eg: Suppose it i type some random data like"gdsgs" i am receiving ss in the output. Pl
I started a blog of home lighting using common wall powered LEDs using unregulated, regulated and modified adjustable Laptop Chargers. CREE 1~3W LEDs can be used in series to match the supply voltage and parallel arrays on a string of wire to distribute. Thermal runaway avoidance is satisfied but
Hi everyone I am trying to take input via using input box, I can get inputs which are in string type or cell. How can I match these inputs with variable names? Also, how can I select the variable which I want to use in my program by using strings which I take
Use this function. void txstring (char *string) { while(*string) tx0(*string++); }
Dear Friends, Kindly, I just started with VHDL, I need to display the numbers in the 7 segment display, I do not know how to solve this problem, I have an integer input and I need to display it. Always I face this message of error: (Error (10515): VHDL type mismatch error at ssd.vhd(18): bit type does not match string literal). would (...)
Even if you can't put all LEDs in one series string, you can still avoid putting LEDs directly in parallel. Have six strings of two LEDs plus a resistor in series, and then put them all in parallel, then in series with the current sense resistor. Should improve current sharing significantly, the only downside being that you need six resistors ins
Hello guys . Want to ask what is the use of trasmission gate that always on , and put between lsb resistor string for 10 bit dac ? Please refer to attached pic .
Hi Prasad, Yes use help *<string>* , it will list you all the commands. For example to get all the commands that have test in it help *test* -cheers vlsi_eda_guy
Hi all, I am new to Unix. I want to grep string "SCJ" on all files with dedicated suffix (*.txt file) in a directory. Suppose I have cd to the directory, and I type "grep -r SCJ *.txt". But it show no match. Please show me some suggestions. BTW, my environment is Solaries. Thanks in advance! Best regards, Davy
Your program won't compile because line 10 "num_input" is undeclared. I assume you meant "no". If scanf encounters unexpected text that doesn't match your format string, it leaves that text in the input stream, so if you repeat the scanf, it hits the same text again (and again, and again, ...). Your while loop removes the unexpected text from th