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There are plenty out there - search for stripboard software. Keith
I designed my Mod4 FM transmitter (88MHz to 108MHz) and built it on Veroboard (stripboard). The circuit board was designed to be compact so it is 2.0" long by 1.3" wide. it has spaces for two mounting screws.
A breadboard has many intermittent contacts and a lot of capacitance between rows of contacts. A 7805 voltage regulator probably needs a heatsink that cannot be held up by the pins plugged into a lousy breadboard. Use a printed circuit board or stripboard where each connection is soldered.
If the circuit is made on a pcb or on stripboard with a good layout then the IC will not oscillate.
hi anyone know of any sites with strip board layouts on them i want to make something but i cann transfer circuit diagrams to stripboard im too much of a beginer are there any sites that show the layouts of stripboard thanks dan
simple circuitlay out software that also presents the CIRCUIT IN ACTUAL COMPONENTS IN BREAB board OR MATRIX board.
Hi, Look there = t
Install was successful I believe. Install seems to be ended at 28% but at the end rapport was OK. Installed on win98SE. Program works. E:\stripboardMagic Total space occupied: 6.806.599 bytes in 295 file(s), in 30 directories