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Hi, if the iC's are marked with a laser, it might be possible to use a paint stripper(chemical or mechanical with a sharp knife) to remove the paint. Sometimes there is also a marking on the bottom side. Everything mentioned it without a guarantee that it will work! Enjoy your trouble shooting work!
I've used an adjustable wire strippers for thermoelement, wires like The critical point is not to scratch the wire because it is at risk to break otherwise. An exact adjustment of blade opening is necessary. There are also special thermo strippers for isolated wires if you plan
SN75176 chip ( video stripper or seperator chip ) 1.) This take input RED analog signal + vertical sync digital signal 2.) Outputs ONLY the digital vertical sync signal 3.) Takes input BLUE analog signal + Horizontal sync digital signal 4.) Outputs ONLY the digital horizontal sync signal ** Is this a video stripper or seperator chip??
I had to do the same sort of thing with solar panels that where lacered on one side (over 100). I used a enviromentaly frendly paint stripper bought from CPC components England Barrybear
I USED A PAINT stripper FOR MANY YEARS THE SECRET IS TO PLACE THREE DIODES IN SERIES AND PLACE SWITCHES TOO SHORT THEM OUT {to increase the heat by installing removing rectfications so halfing the volts {or so...}} LEAVING THE MOTOR TOO RUN AT FULL SPEED {QUITE SLOW} THIS GIVES SPOT HEAT AND A backgroud for warming