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Series stubs are converted to shunt stubs using Kuroda identities, they are equivalent. The reason is what you point, impossibility or difficulty. microstrip series stub looks impossible.
Article: Frequency tuning is realized by adding varactor loading to matching circuit line. As i understand it works as varactor loaded line phase shifter. I can't understand meaning of this phrase: In both designs the varactor diode is connected to a virtual ground provided by a
I doubt that the TL crosspoint model can be applied to the extreme stub widths in the actual implementation. The assumption of a 1-D wave transmission isn't met. The edges of the shunt stubs seem even to touch the series stubs.
I am designing a circular patch antenna with stub. I need to connect stub at angle 112 degree from transmission line feed. how can i rotate at particular angle in HFSS. Moving object with certain angle.. second any one please tell me that transmission line feed formulaes for circular patch and any thumb rule for line feed. similar for (...)
Dear collegues, I tried to search a lot on internet and microwave journal website but I was unable to found that paper. If any one has that paper kindly attach here Paper name is mentioned below H.A. Atwater, ``The Design of the Radial Line stub: A Useful microstrip Circuit Element,'' Microwave Journal, 28, 149 (1985). thanks
I fear it's clear what you are asking about - the characteristic impedance of a transmission line, which is real for an ideal (lossless) line, as explained by volker@muehlhaus - the input impedance of a shorted or open transmission line stub, which is purely imaginary for an ideal transmission line
How to implement a wideband microstrip stub which is short at dc and open at the fundamental and 2nd harmonic?BW > 20% around the fund and 2nd harm? Hi I am looking for a microstrip stub which is dc short and open at the fundamental and 2nd harmonic? The BW should be more than 20% around fundamental and the 2nd harmonic. (...)
It's no reasonable approach to replace L and C by transmission line stubs one by one. You can most likely achieve the purpose of the discrete LC circuit (impedance matching, filtering) by transmission line segments if you know the specification and the transistor S parameters.
Hello! 95833 I can't understand what is inductance of microstrip W=1mm,P=3mm. I assume that resonant frequency is determined by 0.2pF capacitor and microstrip inductance, and for 6GHz we need inductance: L=3.5*10^-9 ' nanohenrys L = 3.5e-9 C=0.2*10^-12 ' picofarad C = 2e-13 F=1/(2*Pi*Sqrt(L*C)) F = 6.0154
Drain stub electrical length = 180+Angle(s11)/2. Actually it is the same as matching phase in this way: Gs=1/S11 Gate stub electrical length = 180+Angle(s22)/2 - Angle(S21). It is more interesting, it gives me exact stub length matched with the photo of of microstrip oscillator in few papers. While using (...)
where u place the active device is somewhat irrelevant. But you may not want to "directly" attach a gate to a microstrip ring, as you would end up with a very low Q resonator. There is decoupling inherently built in, either with a small value lumped capacitor or a physical gap between the ring and the gate stub. With the proper decoupling, your
Well, if you just solder a coax cable center and shield to a differential will stink. If you put ferrite beads on the outside of the coax cable it will be a little better. Narrowband you can use a microstrip stub where the coax shield connects to keep currents flowing back on the outside of the coax. A balun is the correct way to do it
Hi all members, I have been asked by my Professor to design the following antenna and try to optimize it by increasing its BW to 4 GHz..I am getting a BW of only 2GHz. 87464 87465 I have experimented by varying the stub length and slot length as per reading some papers but still got nothing..
I want to design a mixer I used ratrace and designed it in ADS so it will work good enough @1.95Ghz ( the average of LO and RF) now the next step is connecting diode and ... I have some basic idea. I read Maas book. For example I will use microstrip Radial stub to get rid of LO and RF a
Hi, I am trying to design a microstrip CRLH unit cell using an interdigital capacitor and a shorted stub inductor. I have already design the interdigital capacitor but I am quite lost with the shorted stub inductor: I have the value of the stub inductor which is LL=1.5nH, how can I get its physical dimensions (w and L)?
-You can not obtain 180pF with MS techniques because it's a huge value for this technique... -If you carefully design your MS circuit, discontinuity shouldn't be a problem except if you work above 10GHz or more.You've very already been working at relatively low frequency.That's OK.. -For shunt stub, if there isn't DC voltage, it's better to tie
Hello, I am currently building a demo of a microstrip line with a tuning stub. The transmission line is terminated in a load impedance of 100-50j ohms. The microstrip line has a Z0 of 50 ohms, and the stub has a Z0 of 100 ohms. I know my designs for the microstrip lines work, but I am having trouble (...)
In additon to what enjunear has suggested: the next optional step is to replace the capacitor by a radial stub. Design the radial stub with radius = 1/4 wavelength, so that it represents a "short" at your frequency of interest. Together with the narrow 1/4 wavelength line, this is then transformed into an RF "open" at the circuit. [url=im
thanks for you replies Dear volker: I've checked the widths many times.all conversions are correct.but I have open you have any Idea about them? you meant I should pay some considerations toward open stubs?
Hi, This kind of structure is called a Marchand Balun. In a Marchand balun, the microstrip and the slot line meet in orthogonal directions on the opposite sides of the substrate. microstrip line ground plane is in this case created by one side of the slot line metallization. microstrip line is terminated by a stub, which (...)

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