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Hello everyone, I'm a newbie with the Computer Vision System toolbox. I need some help or I would like to know which blockset should I use to subtract two grayscale images something like (img1-img2). I have used the subtraction math operator block but the result isn't what I was expecting
I have stored a 100 frames from live video capture. Now I want to perform image subtraction of consecutive frames. That is, I want to subtract 1 and 2 , 2 and 3 and so on till the 100th frame. And of course this has to be performed after reading all the images and converting them to grayscale. I have got to apply some algorithms to the (...)
Use a difference amplifier with gain = 1/4 Ue1 = +0.5V at input E1. E2 is your 0.5 .. 4.5V input. R2 = R4 ; R1 = R3 = 4*R2 ( = 4*R4 ) Use a single supply opAmp with an input common mode range down to 0V (GND), or a dual supply opAmp. Se
Simplest way for generating two phase non overlap as follows. Clock comes in on left and two outputs are non overlapped. Add/subtract invertors as delays to adjust time of non