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I am a bit lost about how to establish the parameters to establish differential pair routing. I am currently trying to route several differential pair and I am a bit new to this. I have searched online some tutorial but I don't find any really explaining **easily and out of the theory** with sipmple succession of steps about how to do it I have
The output of a first order filter can be most simply predicted in time domain, it's just a succession of exponential waves. The first derivative will be always discontinuous, so it can be clearly distinguished from a sine.
Hi every body i am writing following program in keil compiler for STM32F407VGT6 micro controller. The main problem is when any timer overflowed or underflowed , generate interrupts 2 times in succession for that timer. Any help is appreciated! #include "stm32f4xx.h" static unsigned int flag=0 , i=0 , j=0 ; static unsigned int outpu
I believe your inductive load represents a stopped motor rather than a spinning one. Not that I know for certain, but when I picture how to model a motor... A permanent magnet, or commutating motor, has several wire loops. Each is an inductor. I think of these loops being switched into the power supply, one at a time, in succession. As soon as a
Wireless control can be done cheaply by lightwave. Sending light pulses in rapid succession by infra-red or visible light. This is the principle of your tv (vcr, dvd) remote control. The signal can be similar to the signal you would ordinarily have sent through wires. A photodetector is used to receive the light beams. Decoding can b
The pipeline is a technique used to design the architecture of microprocessors. Briefly: processing of information data often consists of performing a succession of different operations on input data. Therefore to optimize their performances, microprocessor cores are designed as blocks of cascaded elementary functional units, each one fed by the
Hi, my buddy and I are embarking on a small project that includes the demonstration of the spi interfacing capability of the 16f877. I fully appreciate if you have a sample code to share that sends 2 bytes in succession via spi. Thank you! Added after 38 minutes: Oh I'm using HITECH C-Compiler....
Hey, I'm planning to use a grid of IR diodes to measure the position of one IR emitter. My idea is to wire up the diodes to the A/D converter of a PIC microcontroller, and scan over the diodes in the grid in rapid succession, measuing the exposure of each. I'm not sure if I need to amplify the signals. Maybe feeding a low reference voltage to th