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Hi I want to design an Ethernet SPD ( surge protection) with indication. like most of the SPD's I'm going to use a TVS ( for quick response) and a gas tube. what i need to add is an indication when a lighting hit the communication line and activate the SPD. i want a digital pulse ( that i can count the numbers of activation with a controller
Hi firstly I am new here and would like to say that I am more of a hobbyist than an expert in electronics, However right now I am working on a phantom powered electret microphone for use as a direcional mic. The design of the mic amp is not mine, and is in a way a balanced output and is powered via the mixer phantom power system. I have found how e
Hello! I need activate load when ttl 3v input low. Is attached shematic will work good?157939
Hi all circuit designers, I have 2 questions reagarding biasing a LNA, as shown in the capture below: 157930 1/ For what i ve known so far, the R0 resistor is employed as a large enough value to restrict the noise current contribution from current mirror into core LNA devices. However, if I have a stable power supply
Hi all. This common receiver IC is intended to have an application on specific frequencies, so its data sheet does not consider any other uses. Can you smell by reading between lines, if other frequencies could work, like 140MHz with proper tailored tuning components ? Is there any obvious forbidding factors for such frequency shifting ? Or i
Hi, How do I get the impedance vs frequency (fig 2.32a) plot of page 33 of the attached in LTspice? The LTspice sim is as attached, but I cannot make it work and cannot get fig2.32a I can get the transfer function plot (fig 2.32b), but not fig2.32a. I am jus
I've been doing a lot of survey article for fanout for design compiler. But for some technology process such as 90nm/.18um , our target library (.db / .lib) has already the settings of max_fanout/ max_capcitance for our design, but in 4x nm process, I can't find the max_fanout in .lib file 1. Is that the reason for settings ?? (But how to determi
What is ng ? What are the purposes of Ctrl0, Ctrl1, Ctrl2 and Ctrl3 ? 157929
if i use an antenna to pick up a radio signal, then amplify the signal from the microvolt range to 100 millivolts, could i detect the radio signal with a multimeter? i don't want to demodulate the signal. i just want to make sure the signal is there.
157893 I have solved the circuit and calculate Q point. Very simple and easy. But my answers don't match with multisim DC OP analysis. According to my calculations VCE = 2.2V IC = 5.2mA With multisim the results are totally different. VCE = 4.6V IC = 5.3mA Where is the problem?
Dear All, I would like to build this preamp which is from a Weishi Timegrapher, see attached pics. I managed to figure out the circuit, but since I have only the picture of it I stuck with the smd capacitor values. Watches are under 10Hz so the aim is to amplify the vibrations from the piezo in this freq range. Any help would be nice. th
Hi Can anyone provide the circuit for Gaussian White noise source of frequency 6GHz? What are the main components in a noise generator circuit. How we can incorporate different distribution functions in it. If I want a White Gaussian Noise with uniform density function what changes do I have to make in my circuit.
I would like to know the RF circuit implementation method for 20GHz to 40GHz. The RF circuits are LNA, filters and PAs. Can these circuits implemented on a PCB or only IC? Any particular IC technology needed?
hello, this printer power supply is dead,I cant figure out with my limited knowledge that why the lower output part of circuit is not getting any DCV. I have measured voltages across transformer and I found 24v but nothing on the other side of transformer, please have a look at pictures, any help is kindly appreciated. thanks. https://i.i
Hello , In the the photo bellow we have a common mode feedback circuit. Mismatch in currents causes a mismatch in voltages which is amplified and connected to the gates of BIAS pmos transistors on top. But how exactly it fixes the problem ? The output of the OPAMP is an AC signal ,its not a constant DC point, how does exactly putting an AMPLI
Vin = 9.2V - 9.8V. For the circuit mentioned in the figure, if Input Voltage crosses 10V , Zener gets activated. For the given circuit, when zener is activated, will more current flow through the base of PNP and cause any trouble to the PNP transistor ? Or the circuit would do fine ?
Hello i am trying to follow the instructions in the attached article for the circuit shown bellow. At the third page we see that I1=40uA from the ft ,SR constrains. how do we know the value of I7? i need it in order to calculate I5, becuase I5=I7+I1 Thanks. 157852
Hi! I am using W5300 module and initialing it on TCP mode with Spartan6(FPGA). I can open the socket in TCP mode, and I also can establish it. When I send data to it and read the RX_FIFOR, I just cant read the number of data has been received . I create a loop for buffering data, but I can not read them. What is the problem?
I'm trying to figure out why when I measure current on my FLUKE 289 meter it reads .536 on the mA scale and 276 on the uA scale when I apply .52v from a power supply through a resistor. I assume the difference internal resistance. Can anyone confirm? Thanks PV
157828 I am tracing a circuit for TDS ( Total dissolved substance) meter where I found this Microcontroller. I could not get details of this IC yet.