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I designed a MSP antenna with patch dimensions of 15x17 mm for 2.4 GHz with return loss of -35 dB. (I can call it very low profile for 2.4 GHz). However, owing to shaping my ground plane, the antenna gain is quite low, -0.5 dBi. Does that antenna can be used with LNA for an application such as for cell phones, if yes, what do you think should be th
Hello ,and i hope you are in a safe place ,from covid19 away taking precautions. i have a problem and i dont know if i post in error section,because i dont where should i post this thread please correct it at admin. i have searched before posting to see if it ia a problem of me . I have recently boring and built the cw ik3oil decoder, i have f
I have a question on Bandstop Filters With Extended Upper Passbands What does it exactly mean by θ
I am curious how engineers are managing their jobs and life while the social distancing mandates are in place. Are you working from home? Has your employer suspended development efforts that require collaboration over a test bench? Are you doing software simulation in lieu of hardware debug? Are you wiping down test instruments? Feel free to chime
Hi Edaboard community, I am trying to simulate a homogeneous CPW structure using HFSS and for exciting the quasi TEM mode of this structure, I am defining wave ports at the ends of the structure. I have computed the Poyiting vector at the surface of the wave ports; and I notice that the value is not always the same and that for certain freque
Hi, Any one have an experience with CGH40010F transistor provided by cree company especially at the fabrication process? i am going to use the mentioned transistor in PCB fabrication, and I am not sure about the grounding of this type of transistor? My PCB will be double sided copper, and the back side is consider as a ground. So, my question
Hi all, Could anyone please tell me how to remove SMA connector-microstrip transition for large-signal measurement of a PA? In measurement, I noticed that this transition will shift the optimum load impedance seen by Transistor and therefore degrading the output power, gain and efficiency of my PA designed at 2.4 GHz. In measurement the measured
now this is a thought experiment. let's say i have a transmitter 1 meter above the ground broadcasting at 200 megahertz. using the equation horizon in kilometers equals square root of transmitter height in meters times 3.569. i calculate the horizon is 3.569 kilometers away. let's say there is a helicopter 7.138 kilometers away hovering 1 mile abov
Here is simple code written to communicate with I2c device. I could not able to get any Start below code is correct. I have used MCC generated code library , #include "mcc_generated_files/mcc.h" #define PFS RB0 #define RESET1 RB1 #define SELECT RB2 #define ADVANCE RB3
Hello, I want to design (using only digital logic components) a Non-Overlapping clock generator with 4 output clocks and one input clock. I was able to design it using flip-flops but with half the frequency of the input clock(Fin). To overcome this issue, I can use a frequency multiplier (Fin*2) , but this solution will increase the complexity
Hi all, i am using Linux debian sid on a HP gaming laptop (15-ak102nl (ENERGY STAR)) On this pc, Linux is not managing properly the power off. Sometimes, after shutdown -h now laptop powers off, but without power cord, it happened some time, to power it up after some days, and battery was dead, as if there was consumptio
Can someone please help me wire this circuit? This is working with mains power and I do not feel comfortable doing this without some knowledgeable help. The dimmer circuit is store bought. It has two black wires coming out of it. One of them is already wired to the toggle switch. The toggle switch is wired Blue wire, Black wire in the center, Pur
I am debugging a design using Verdi. In nWave, instead of adding signals from GUI, can I run a command somehow to add following signals to nWave: addSignal -h 15 -UNSIGNED -HEX /soc_tb/soc/*/xyzIP/*payload addSignal -h 15 -UNSIGNED -HEX -holdScope *eom I have to find several scopes across the SOC and several signals a
Hello everyone. I have questions analyzing the diagram in the CST software. The 3 blue line we have the directivity, ok? In the circumference of red color we have the shape of the magnetic field (its formation), ok? Does the green circle represent the gain (S11)? 157327
Hi all, Actually I have an instrument to detect component failure. Which is operated at 230V AC @50HZ. Instrument properly connected earth..when I test earth to neutral voltage it's around 3V AC.. Kindly suggest me how to test the instrument leak voltage.. Is it right way to test the voltage of instrument body to neutral when the instrument
Hi, Would like to know which one is the common practice? which is better and is there a condition for one to be superior over the other? I have a PMT(photomultiplier tube) which is currently connected to an amplifier before the amplified signal is then digitised for processing with the computer. I would like to incl
I have read thro COMSOL example ( ) on RF heating. But the description is quite different from what I am trying to achieve, nonetheless quite helpful. My simple structure is a CPW line on which a block is placed. The block is considered as water in a microfludic channel but has dielectric properties t
Hi, Do you know why the following axial power resistors have to be power_derated at 70degc...? I am sure i have run these at 150degc with no in quick/cheap load banks.
I have a lot of difficulty understanding certain functions and understandings of CST, I know frequency, reflection coefficient S11 and transmission loss But the image below shows what I doubt. If anyone has material that talks about each point it comes to each function. 157915
Hi I make a transceiver in ADS the channel in between is line of sight. I want to change the Chanel into human body. first I can export the signal from the ADS transmitter and input to human body in cst? Is there any co -simulation between ADS and CST. Can i export the signal from ADS design and input it to CST design "the human model" can