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I am designinging solar MPPT charger, in which solar panel voltage ranges from 100 to 180 and the battery is of 12v. Battery has to be charged by 2 modes stand-by(13.6V) and cyclic mode(1405V). I am using SEA05 controller for constant voltage and current. can anyone suggest me how to switch the mode to stand-by mode when battery is fully (...)
If you want the result with minimum hassle look at "load switch" products (incorporating the FET gate level shifting / drive, the pass FET itself, and often some protection features).
this little circuit that works perfectly " on protus software" for automatic transfer between ac mains line and inverter output the design is straight forward at its heart is lm copmartor"or similiar part" that looks for 12vdc derived form 220 ac mains as long as it exist the output will be zero and
We got to about the stated efficiency and frequency on a family of 5V-1V buck ICs using RF CMOS SOI and using only Coilcraft kit inductors & caps we bought from Digi-Key, with no "de-embedding of passive losses" marketing trickery. Just "wallplug". So I think this can be done with superior switch devices. The RF CMOS was not very (...)
with 3.3V from your micro on the base the emitter can only be 3.3+- .8 or so, i.e. 2.5 or 4.1V or you will destroy the transistor. If you want your emitter to switch , say +12v/0V then the first stage is to amplify the 3.3V. When its delivering current the output voltage will be less then (...)
Think about this , use your current set up but put a 100K resistor across each switch and a 10K across the input of your GSM setup and monitor the volts there. All panels OK, N X 12 V + 0 ohms, One light out, (N -1) X 12v+ 100 K, two lights out, (N-2) X12v + 200K. You need to load the circuit (...)
I think I figured it out... the CLK gives half second 12v pulses, the relay coil remains energized for about a second, or if I dont switch off CLK 130493 You have the right idea. My simulation had scope traces which showed the capacitor discharging slightly between pulses (CLK). If the pulses
Hi, I´d use a step down regulator. You may also look for regualtors with external power switch. Klaus
i am making a star delta starter for my 15 HP submersible water pump set. the contractor coil voltage is 440v AC but i have relay of coil 12v and contact 250v 10 amps rating only, can i us this relay 250v 10a contact to switch 440v 1a contactor coil it is safe, are kindly give me a better solution.
Hi guys, I've a vehicle tracking modem which is going to connect in a vehicle has 12v/24vDC battery. I just need to connect a backup battery(12vDC) to modem for uninterrupt power supply i.e if 12vDC/24vDC battery goes off, want to switch over to backup battery. (...)
The interesting parameter in this case is the generator winding resistance. I guess, the DC current with a 12 V battery could be easily 100 or 200 A, so making a buck converter only for initial generator excitation sounds a bit extravagant. An electronic switch setting a short current pulse from the 48V battery would be sufficient. In case it's
Hi, What max motor current? Do you want to control motor speed? Or switch it ON/OFF? Klaus
It's in Table 28-5 of the data sheet. Typically 0.47uF ceramic with low ESR between Vusb and VSS. The decoupling capacitors are to ensure low impedance to high frequencies across the supply lines. The thousands of digital switches operating inside the PIC each draw a short spike of current as they operate, if you do not fit those capacitors, the i
Led strips can run up to 14.2 V for cars with more power or nominal at 12v Connect V+ and switch V- to gnd using ANY "logic level" gate drive N-ch Mosfet with RdsOn<=50 mOhm for <= 1/4W dissipation and <=100mV drop.
Thanks hobbyckts. I am using THN 15-1221 with 12v power. Its +-5V dual voltage regulator. I just want it to run it all the time. Can I connect it directly with 12v power supply? The reason not to switch is because I will install the switching ckt for +5V (...)
What you are looking for is a bistable, or latching relay. Here's one designed with external components Or, a bistable relay with 2 coils
You can use a MOSFET transistor to control the LEDs from an external 12v source (such as a wall-wart). Use a logic-level type N-MOSFET as a low-side switch (12v to LEDs to MOSFET drain with MOSFET source to common ). The MOSFET will turn on when the gate is at 5V and off when gate is (...)
P type are used for High side switches with ground input ... .. unless a boost gate voltage is available (>>Vdd) as N type tend to be lower RdsOn. ) just as NPN's are lower Rce than PNP ...Otherwise N type are used for Low side switch. A variety of Vgs gate thresholds exist as well as RdsOn and Vds_max giving rise to >10k variety of part (...)
You could avoid the any momentary dropout during voltage switching if you connect the +12v bus to the amplifier through a Schottky diode (for minimum voltage drop). Then when you switch in the +24V bus the voltage will simply rise from 12v to 24V with no transient, (...)
I don't see an adavantage of the double switch configuration, but increased losses. Even if you need +24V, too.
The OP posted a circuit using an N-channel Mosfet as a source-follower that he calls a "high side switch". with a 12v supply then the output of the 555 is about +10.5V but the gate of the Mosfet needs +22V to fully turn on. The schematic should be corrected showing a P-channel Mosfet as a common source driver not as a (...)
I would suggest 11V, 12.5V, 13.5V. Charge with 13.5V tap when battery voltage is above 12.5V, this is bulk charge. This will charge battery to 80%. If initially battery is empty and its voltage is very low, then start with 11V tap. When It reaches 14V, switch to 12.5 tap. When battery voltage reaches 14.2V, the remaining 20% is (...)
555 also can also be operated on 12 volt or as Aidioguru said you can use transistor as switch.
You can look for a 110V input ATX supply. These are common with 18A output. Some have a 110V/220V switch. That will not work with DC input.I bought a 12v/18A supply from market for Rs.950 from market recently with an input range of 90-250V. I think it is for Play Station. You can make a (...)
will this circuit work? All NPN transistor switching circuits I have seen switch higher voltages from lower voltages (at base). Here, I need to switch 3.3V with 12v. i.e When no voltage at base Vout should be high (3.3V) and when 12v at base Vout should be (...)
Can I use the Vref (instead of dividing it) as one of the references for the error amplifier and then divide the 12v to 5V as the other reference for the error amplifier. Yes. Second: The power switch seems to be a pair of NPN=PNP transistors. Can anyone recommend alternate parts for these? The NTE153 and NTE331 are not av
Do you understand 8051 port operation? They are open drain with or without a weak pull-up (depends on the port). None of them is sourcing sufficient current to drive a NPN switch transistor without additional pull-up resistor.
I would like to build a DC-DC converter that with a command is able to switch its output voltage from 12v to 14.5V. I am thinking about changing the resistor between the FB pin and the SW pin of LM2673 by using solid state relay. Before building it I am wondering if there are any issues during the relay's turn-on/turn-off (...)
In a fluke meter schematic for the auto ranging they use something like a 4066 chip controlled by the micro to switch resistors in and out to make it more actually I did upload a schematic here sometime ago do a search for fluke 39&40 you should find it I can't find the copy I had on my computer otherwise I would of up loaded it here. You can use 3
I am trying to design a +-15v switching regulator supplied from a 12v battery and the output current must be at least 1A. Is anyone please help me finding appropriate components and:roll a kind of switch to be used ?
you can use an NPN transistor as a switch, you can put one transistor in series with each resistor ( between resistor and ground), and in each situation you switch on the other will be OFF
I am using 12v 500ma transformer in my 8051 project. I want to switch 12v relay using mcu. Is it possible to switch relay with 12v 500ma transformer. I am using voltage regulator ic LM7812. or I have to use 15v 500ma transformer. (...)
You may have a leaky BC 547. The PNP should switch off with the 10k as well.
The specifications are simple: The switch must be bipolar and bear the maximum common mode rating of a CAN transceiver, e.g. +/- 40 V. Can be done with a MOSFET pair and a control voltage of sufficient swing. If you don't require correct switch operation at high common mode voltages (the CAN transceiver won't work beyond +/- (...)
I'm new to this forum and to electronics (sort of). I'm needing help knowing what to get and hookup in order to make a solid state switch: Need to complete a ground circuit with max of 10mA on the ground circuit. This will be used in a 15volt dc max as supply (trigger) source. Using this in a car circuit that when ignition is ON it completes
Use 4A/12v halogen spotlight driver, get car cigarette lighter with its base from old car and a push switch. Put them in a metal box and that's it. If you are going to hang outside the wall of cigarette shop, don't forget to tie removable part with a chain.
The MOSFET is configured as a high-side switch. You can tell because the source is not ground-referenced. The load is between source and ground. The output of your Arduino is ground-referenced. When the MOSFET is on, voltage at source will be equal to the supply voltage = 12v (from your post #1). Since the datasheet mentions RDS(on) at VGS = (...)
Go to this link and use calc :
PSU is good ? Assuming you try to start without any connected load ? What you consider you check 5V ? What is with 12v and 3,3V ? How you check 5V if you cant turn on ? Before new start of turning on you must switch I/O on back side of PSU (turn off wait few sec and turn on, then try green black wires).
my understanding is that I can switch a 12v between Emitter and Collector if I have a lower (3.3V , 5V) Voltage on the base, provided that enough current is provided to saturate the transistor (and the Vce, Vbe etc are in the limits of the device). You can, but surely not with a complementary emitter follower.
Hello, I have a tiny double sided PCB of size 50mm by 11mm. On this i intend to put One 12v to 48V boost converter. On the output of this boost will go three buck led drivers each with I(LED) = 0.15A, and V(LEDs) = 32V So thats four switch mode inductors all together in this tiny space.......will they (...)
hi, i m using a 12v dc motor with 8051 m cu. i want to know how i control its speed in different stages means i have connected a switch p2.5 for which i control my dc motor in different speed like in , 1st stage: the motor rotate slow 2nd: medium 3rd:fast 4th:stop so i want to know the details of it to control my (...)
Hello, We have 2W xenon flash lamps which run off 12v. They simply use a switch mode charger circuit to charge up the tube cap and then flash the tube. The minimum tube flash voltage is 170V, but we have a supply that only goes up to 150V. Supposing we use the following trigger circuit which doubles the tube voltage for a few (...)
I was looking at a Youtube video where a spokesman was talking up a new 'intelligent' smps controller IC. He claimed it is able to know whether it should go into buck mode or boost mode. You hook up a mosfet at one pin. It is placed to switch the coil as a buck converter. Another mosfet is hooked up to another pin. It is placed so it wil
Key words to start with:- :idea: 12v DC Relay Resistor Divider Network OpAmp Comparator Circuit 555 Pulse Generator Circuit Buzzer Transistor as a switch circuit to drive the buzzer and relay
Hello, How do you cool the LEDs and the switch mode LED driver which are present inside a LED beacon like this.? The power dissipation is 10W, and there is no internal fan, and no ventilation holes whatsoever. The diffusor is perspex, so unfortuately is thermally insulating.
hi to all... i am designing a switch mode power supply using push-pull. i want different voltages like 5 and 3 with 12v. A friend told me about the coupled inductor that it is a solution. i dont have any knowledge about the coupled inductor. i just want help to do this stuff... my input is 24 volts and im using (...)
Strange circuit - two of the transistors are permanently off (fortunately!), one is connected as a switch and one as an emitter-follower. It looks like an H-bridge but isn't since all the transistors are npn. You could replace them all with just one switching transistor and that would give you closer to 12v (...)
looking for suggestions for a switch mode chip, similar spec to MC34063 but with a disable pin. I can kind of do it with MC34063 with additional transistor, but it still doesn't switch completely off, and it needs this added transistor part. input voltage nominal 12v (...)