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Hi, There are circuits called "ideal diode". Maybe this is a good way. Or measure all voltages and select the highest one with a cmos switch. Klaus
Hello, I want to measure the power consumption of charge pump (its a double dickson charge pump built using switch cap circuits). Can anyone suggest how to measure the power in any state? When I try to measure the current going through the supply, there are spikes that settle down within the clk period. Do I have to integrate this (...)
gm/Id is mostly for DC operating points and small-signal parameters. switched-capacitor circuits will require a transient simulation. You may get a good starting point with gm/Id, but you'll have to do simulation-based sizing (tweak-simulate-tweak) anyway, maybe with an optimizer software, and could start with it right away.
hi fellows, i am new to analog ic design and i need your advice on choosing the right signal source. i am designing a track and hold circuit for +-0.1V, 200MHz input sampled at 1GHz. the track and hold circuit is not preceded by any buffer, although in some papers input buffers are used to drive the capacitor. so my first question is: is the in
To simulate periodically time varying circuits Cadence provides pss, pnoise, pac etc. simulations. There is a pstab simulation that can be used to simulate stability of switched cap or chopper circuits. Have a look in the documentation for it.
Hello All, We use pac to analyze the ac response of switch cap circuits in spectre. Is there any way to analyze ac-response of switch caps in spice ? Best Regards, Sumit
it's the convergence problem. i suggest you use the spectre as simulator to simulate switch cap circuit.
dummy switch and source follwer
A few points about your schematic, which you did not draw correctly: 1) CSH capacitors: they can not be connected at the first stage outputs to the second stage gate inputs. If you do so, the second stage would be floating and no DC bias; 2) The CMFB switches are not drawn correctly as well. You may refer to any books which descirbe this SC C
may i the detail of using @ds in switch cap simulation? you mean @gilent @ds?