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I haven't found the cause of the unwanted spike: maybe a bad grounding layout, maybe radiated noise from the inductor. I would rather expect the diode reverse recovery behaviour as the main interference source. The commutating current path is usually through output capacitor, output diode, switch transistor and input (...)
in sc-circuit, the ratio of capacitor and switch must be in proportion, to reach better layout performance, but i don't know how to match the switch size. the following is a 2X circuit, vout = vout+ - vout- = 2 * (Vin+ - vin-) - (vref+ - vref-) , to reach better match permance, Cs = 2Cf, but how to set the size of the (...)
Could u talk about the RF layout experiences about mobile phone , especially RF line , Crystal line , PA layout , switch and VCO layout.