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I see contradicting aspects that could reason the assignment to one or the other supply node. - bus operation causes noise injection to the supply - power supply noise shows a certain feedthrough to analog switch nodes Unless the analog circuit connected to the switch involves ultra low signal levels, digital supply (...)
switch and hub hub was the first generation of tcp/udp protocol , it divides the bandwidth between the stations connected to the network through the hub then comes the switch: it has a high speed backbone bus to accomplish full bandwidth data rate for clients,for your example if the station is 100 Mb/s all of them will (...)
i think your design is more appropriate for low voltage application. but i see you are using 600V mosfet, so i think probably you have higher DC bus. with higher DC bus, your switching will be susceptable to noise due to the floating reference of your upper switch. need to take better care of isolation. check TI chick (...)
Hello, I have a problem when i switch off my boost converter (its a power factor corrector). (It works in transition mode) I just designed Power factor corrector with L6561 PFC IC.... First of all, i have been testing it on NO_LOAD as it must be able to give 400V output with no load.
89C5131 chip recieved from Atmel as free samples. Chip is powered from USB bus via LP2951-3.3. Reset pin connected via 0.1uF capacitor to GND. (reset switch is present) USB data lines conencted via 27 Ohm resistors D+ connected via 1.5kOhm to VREF (detach switch also present). (...)