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You can not ! as I know if you want to produce pulse train you can use a pulse source in series with an ideal switch and contolr the switch with another pulse source
If I still remember, in irun, you explicitly specify the TOP module name using the -top switch. There are separate switches to specify verilog and VHDL files, use them. These are trivial errors and can be easily solved by reading the user guide.
what do you mean by debounced? sorry I'm a newbie when it comes to verilog switch debouncing concept has nothing to do with RTL coding. It is a concept taught in most universities across the world in the digital systems design course. For a basic overview look here:
First of all buttons will have contacts that bounce when being closed and many times when being opened too. You need to debounce your select input. You need to make sure the value you are waiting for is there for at least 10-20 ms before generating a debounced output (db_select) that indicates the switch has changed to a new level. This will give
Hi Guys. I wanted to use the DE1 D5M camera module and when I capture the image and let's say switch on SW, the image will be converted to a grayscale image and output it through VGA in a monitor. How can I do this in verilog? Please help me?
The one with the lower impedance will win as it is used as a switch.
irun uses the file extension to determine what language you want the file compiled as: verilog, Systemverilog, VHDL or SystemC. So as far as I can understand, your m_def.h is not being recognized by irun. 1> Try changing the file extension of m_def.h to any of the standard know types. 2> Try using the irun switch -vlog_ext keeping m_def.h (...)
Hi, I am designing a hybrid content addressable memory (CAM) using cadence and I need to build a verilog-A block to switch modes. In the read mode, I need to pre-charge some nodes then make them floating. I tried different verilog-a lines but the code always fails. For example, I tried using the following line that I found while (...)
To support Systemverilog, most tools require that your files have a file extension. They may also have a global switch (ModelSim has -sv) that makes it treat all verilog files as Systemverilog, but I strongly recommend not using that switch as some legacy verilog files will not compile in (...)
Hello, Ill try to answer a question as I seem to only leech off the boards :D so forgive me if this isn't that helpful. I'm not that well versed in verilog, I've mostly used VHDL but this might help you. 1) yes you are quite right you will need some denouncing for your switch these are common and you can find some code for it online. 2) have a po
Hello Everyone, I am new to the verilog-A programming. I have a model for MOSFET switch written in verilog-a. Now I want to construct inverter by instantiating the mosfet model. How do I do this. Is the instantiating method same as the method used in verilog. Ex: mosfet mosfet_1(D G S B); Please help me. Thank You
Hello Experts, I am new to use of verilog-A programming. I had question regarding the use of this language. I want to design the NEMS switch model using the verilog-A model. Once I design this model will I be able to create a circuit simulation model of the NEMS switch which can be used as a model in PSPICE netlist to (...)
I've tried this and found the created schematic a nearly useless, unreadable mess. Now, I do not see verilog (different than veriloga) in your view-list. But an analog simulator is not going to switch into digital views usefully anyway. The mixed signal setup involves partitioning and somebody somewhere has to insert all of the (...)
You should not need a -sv switch if your files already have a extension. If fact, I would discourage using it so that legacy verilog .v files don't have problems when they have used Systemverilog keywords as identifiers. Try vlog
I need a verilog code for switch with 50 inputs,12 outputs and 12 select lines. Both the inputs and outputs are 256 bit wide. in select lines i need to mention the which 12 inputs should appear at the output. For ex. if I need the inputs 2,5,9,14,20,25,27,32,36,40,44,49 to appear in the output i should give these numbers in select lines. Kindly not
Why do you want it to use a switch statement? Wait, don't tell me ... your assignment says you have to use a switch statement. For educational purposes. Well, that settles it then. You can figure it out in an effort to actually learn something. Enjoy your education! :) If you want help, you'll have to come up with some specific problem. Not ...
If you have a recent version of ModelSim, you can dovlog hello.c vsim -c hello -do "run -all;quit"This automatically compiles your DPI C code and creates a shared library that is automatically loaded by vsim. A couple of other notes: We do not recommend using the vlog -sv switch. This will treat any verilog *.v file a
Hi, How can I use the command line option as a switch inside verilog model ? Ex: My command line is (say) ncelab -delay_mode unit (or) ncelab -delay_mode zero How can I use "unit" or "zero" inside verilog model ? Requirement is: I want to change some timings depends on this switch. Regards, suresh
The file is created by vlog if you use it to compile your C files, and then loaded automatically by vsim. BTW, you should not use the -sv switch. Instead, use for Systemverilog files and keep *.v for verilog-only files.
'type' is Systemverilog keyword. Do you use appropriate switch to instruct Conformal that parsed files are SV?