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Hi all, I need to count that how many times the limit switch activated?(O/P of limit switch = 5V) also i want to make it non-volatile. so for this purpose i want to use 89c51 or with PIC also no problem. so here my basic query is that how to store that count in MCU's RAM for temperory purpose, even i dont want to (...)
Control Board (micro controller board using 89c51) Uses 89c51 as heart of circuit has connector for push buttons, LCD, ports to connect other modules, Power supply on/of . Front Panel Push buttons and 3 led's connected to control board(third one connected to 5vdc) 4 channel Relay Board, 4 pole relay to switch Left,Right and ground. (...)
hi any one help me about the to Protect relay spike i am make a some circuit on 89c51 based control relay with uln 2803 but just i am connect transformor and switch relay my controler going to restart please any one hep me thanks
"brushed dc motor with digital feedback". a common arrangement is a dc motor with an optical disk mounted on it's shaft. The optical disk has a pattern printed on it that is 'read' by an opto switch. Rip apart a couple of old printers and you should find one. As for 'C', you need to do some reading.
Hi Use multiplex IC like the HC257 to switch The input (RX) and output (TX) and a I/O bit to control which channel is working All the best Bobi
Hi, I am using argox as-8250 ps2 based barcode scanner . I can easily interface ps2 keyboard with 89c51 but with the same ps2 port when I am using barcode scanner than sometimes it gives output and sometimes it is not. actually whwn we press the switch of scanner it should show the continuous light but here in my case on (...)
Hey all, Can you suggest a circuit that could electrically sense when a button on a keyboard is activated and the circuit is closed (basically when a key is struck)? The button itself must remain fully functional, and I could cut the trace on one side of the buttons contacts if the solution must be done in series, but if the solution could
As stated by headcracker you have to use PSEn Pin eigher connect it with a switch having one end connect to pull downd resisor and other to ground and you can move in pprograming and run mode with the help of switch