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Hello, My Cyclone V design has 2 reference clock inputs. I want to be able to manually switch between them during runtime. I know that the ALTERA_PLL megafunction can be configured to receive 2 input clocks. I understand that it also provides a manual switchover signal to select between the 2. I also know that (...)
switch the clock source to the x-tal oscillator, and not the internal RC-oscillator. It's in the quoted text!
i have an automatic pet feeder prototype that i?m trying to develop where I?d like to use an off the shelf digital alarm clock to act as the timer to start the power flow to a DC motor? in my ME mind, the chip that is given the instruction to make alarm speaker beep should be able to somehow be modified to initiate power to the motor. is this
If I understand, its can be a power thing. with a clock constantly switching, you're always using power. with a latch the big power draw is only on the switch, so the power draw is less. Also, they can be used in situations where you have no clock.
I want a switch timer, that will switch on for 0min to 1hour and off for 0min to 1hour. i recently found and bought it, but the programming part is what i couldn't understand. i have already bought it but i can't program it, so i'm looking for any other same switch wit easy programming. thanks
I've seen your posts and know that you are experienced with electronics. So I know that you have taken care of decoupling capacitors, good grounding (earthing) practices, ensuring all unused input pins are terminated, etc, etc. So............ In my experience, any counter that "goes crazy" is because the transitions
...a simple RC could be added between the switch and the clock pin.....adding a small diode (as 1N4148) to reset (discharge) the capacitor In fact, this could avoid the need to use an integrated circuit to perform this task. However, coupling impedance of this network to D_FF may be properly dimensioned, in case to be
thanks, kennambo. in theory this is well understood, in switched-cap we also simulated with clock, no problems. I just first time to do transient simulation check with a constant voltage. yes, it is like a diode connected, it always at saturation region since the gate and drain are connected to VDD, the effective (...)
Maybe count value is exceeding value 4 and then switch is not executing. Put a debounce delay for if(PORTGbits.RG14) if it is a switch. Also replace if(PORTGbits.RG0 && clockTime.Hours<24) with if((PORTGbits.RG0) && (clockTime.Hours<24))
I have a bit in the schematic that generates phase shifted clocks φ1 and φ2. Now, in another part of the circuit, I have switches controlled by φ1 and φ2. How do I make the circuit up in Cadence? If I use switches from analogLib, how do I ensure that they are controlled by the clock? Thanks! 92285
can i switch on vdd i.e connect vdd in sampling and disconnect in the rest clock No. Better use logical enable/disable signals to prohibit all bias currents and short circuit all bias voltages.
Yes. It is MPLAB C18 or Hi-Tech C Code. Also works with XC8. D1 is IR led. 38 KHz square wave is applied to IR LED. Most microcontroller pins can source or sink only 25 mA. You need to use a transistor switching circuit driven by MCU and transistor will drive the IR led. Your IR leds max current rating is 100 mA, So, you have to work it at 50 or 75
Hi dear friends, about "glitch free clock multiplexing" I read a lot of topics already. But one problem is still concerning me. I have to switch from one to the another one asynchronous clock as positive edge source of the shift register. All problem is drawn in attachment. Signal 'select' is synchronized with clk1. It (...)
The gate is to avoid propagation of combinational signal through the combinational logic. The gating could be on clock signal or on data signal. The power gating is to switch off/on some part of the logic, which include combinational or flops elements. To restart there is to possibility, first using flop with two power consumption to (...)
hi all, i have designed T.G switch with another dummy T.G for sampling switch , my clock is 20Mhz , i used it for sar adc 8-bit , so how can i measure snr and thd for this switch , how can i choose fin , Nrecord , Nwindow ?? please i am in deep need for answer :) thx in advance :)
I am using DS 1307 clock to display the time on an LCD. Also the PIC counts the number of hours and store it in an EEPROM. The problem is that I need to get the last count even I switch off and ON the PIC on the LCD. How can I manage the addresses of EEPROM so that I can store the count in different locations?
I have inserted integrated clock gate cells in my design in DC and during clock tree synthesis, Encounter inserts the CLK buffers before the clock gate. This causes the buffer to run, when there is no clock required. ANyone know how to move the clock buffers after the clock gate cells, so (...)
i have a circuit where i should give a clock pulse of 50Khz to a switch can i use 8051uc??
What sensor are you using? #include<16F877A.h> #fuses HS, NOPUT, NOLVP #use delay(clock=20Hz) void main() { while(true) { //-------------------------------for motor operation if(!input(PIN_D0))//---------microswitch { //-------------------------------switch for reversing (...)
This design allows you to vary the output level (using R5) and allows you to switch between square wave or sine output. You can easily design the 30kHz clock source with a 555 timer.