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I am designing switched capacitor biquad low pass filter. I have some questions regarding the design. About my design : 1. Cutoff frequency = 1KHz 2. 65nm LP process 3. Clock frequency is 50K There are 2 integrator in my circuit. It is a second order filter. It is not fully differential. My question is How am I supposed to set (...)
Hello All I have a problem in the following ct. it's functioning right but with gain = c1/c2 , it should be 2c1/c2 since it's differential opamp however after analyzing the waves I found that the o/p is not differential (see attached figures) due to common mode phase attached the ct. and the wave forms . the opamp is fully differential (veri
can somebody tell me why the stray capacitance at the input and output of the switched capacitor circuit attached can be ignored? I dont understand why it can be ignored if the output impedance is low. It also says in the slide that if a stray capacitance is connected to a voltage source it can again be ignored...Need (...)
Hello, I have some issues in designing an opamp to use it as switched cap integrator in an Δ∑ ADC. The process is CMOS 65nm Context - introduction : This 14-bits ADC will be used as "Built-in Self Test" for a 10-bits DAC - the analog input signal speed is not determined and can be AS LOW AS I WANT. I arbitrarly choose the (...)
The Designer's Guide Community Forum - Analysis of switched cap integrator Use slave small signal noise analysis subjected to master periodic large signal analysis. For example, such analyses are available in the followings. Synopsys HSPICE Steady-State Shooting Newton
first: i want to put a dc input on a switched capacitor integrator how can i do this second i make a sigma delta modulator and iwant to put the dac in the integrator and make the feed back bits to control the switches how can i do this please i want any one to replay to me
Hi, I am designing a switched cap LPF to average out a square wave. The frequency of square wave is 10kHz. The magnitude of the input square wave varies. The circuit should give an output which is the mean of +ve and -ve amplitude of the square wave. For eg: If input square wave is varying from 1V to 1.2V, the output should give 1.1V. If input sq
Hi, I want to know how we can model the opamp's gain and BW in a discrete-time (switched-cap) integrator in simulink. Any suggestions?
Simple passive RC filter has been used for pll LPF design for many years,which suffering mismatch and large area problems. Why we can not use switched cap filter for loop filter? What's the advantage and disadvantage?
Seeking info any info on CDS techniques to do with switched cap circuits. In the process of designing a switched cap integrator for a Sigma delta ADC. Cheers :D