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This has nothing to do with temperature. I think this is design dependent. Possible reason could be switching on Bluetooth, switch off FM radio. Oh I see. The troubleshoot report was telling that the temperature variation from the PA caused the FM PLL/VCO to unlock. If that were true, what kind of temperature v
Hello, I am using pic18f4550 for measuring voltage, switching relays, counter etc. straight to the ad port, with reading (VB) on PC screen. Before I feed AC in I add diode bride and calculate the loses (measure on my power supply) I can feed in up to 60 V dc without any problem. PIC 18f4550 and PIC18f4520 AD port is same as per datasheet.
Mostly temperature rise. Maximum power is dissipated while switching, the higher the frequency, the more power used. Called switching loses. High speed processors like the Arm have low core voltages to reduce the power dissipated while switching.
agreed with above comments. switching frequency should be 10's greater than fundamental frequency (at least). it can be quite a bit higher if you also want to get out of audible range. you probably need a filter between your inverter and your motor so that health of your motor can be maintained. Mr.Cool
Negetive points Higher frequency -- More switching loses & critical PCB layout. Higher frequency -- EMI on higher harmonics Higher Frequency -- Additional circuits required to reduce the switching loses & improve the efficiency. And all other points as rightly said by our friend "FvM" Positive points Higher (...)