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can i connect lm2576 in series ?? I have 27 volt supply,i need 24V,12V and 5V can i connect 3 lm2576 in series like 1st one gives me 24v, which feeds 2nd lm2576 and gives me 12V and so on...
Beadboard is OK for linear regulators, but this is a switching regulator & need very careful PCB design. You can't expect to get output from a switching regulator with this lengthy wires & connections. The inductor position & schottky diode positions are most important to make this circuit to working. Even (...)
Hi , Friends What is switching regulator for negative voltage I need part number same as lm2576 but for negative Voltage also i need 3 ampere in output . There is -48 VDc and i should , change to - 12 VDC. thanks
A switching regulator would be the most efficient way with low heat dissipation, something like LM2596-3.3 or lm2576-3.3
LM317 might also have a drop out voltage which will not let you convert from 6.5V to 5V Check lm2576 switching voltage regulator.
To reduce the heat, you need to use a switching regulator or improve heatsinking and heat dissipation techniques. However, I think, it's better to use a switching regulator. You can use the common LM2575. There are many many switching regulators out there. LM2575 is very common and since (...)
Hi I have a doubt about the operation of a switching power supply and I would appreciate your feedback. Suppose that we have a transformer rated at 1A , we are using a full wave bridge and a capacitor and suppose that the rectified output is 12v DC. If I use a switching regulator (like lm2576 or LM2676 etc) but with (...)
your project will NOT work if you have too much current the 7812 will dissipate too much heat and shut down itself you MUST use a switching regulator ic like a lm2576 datasheet here : lm2576 - SIMPLE SWITCHER? 3A Step-Down Voltage regulator [url=http:
how to calculate the output current of regulator ? if u check in datasheet of any switching regulator ,in that Isw (device switching current )is mentioned. In datashet for how much output current that particular switching device to use not mentioned. for example lm2576,MIC26600 if any (...)
Here are two switching candidates: 1.5A - LM2651-3.3 3.0A - lm2576-3.3 (or ADJ) Rgds, IanP :|
it's impossible with a linear regulator, it will dissipe too much heat. you must use a switching regulator like this one : regards.
I need to derive a +12VDC @ 1.5 Amps. My input is between 40VDC to 60VDC. I am looking for info about some switching regulator circuit plus info. lm2576 was the first choice, but the HV version is not available here. Please suggest some other options. Thanks Regards PICSTUDENT
Use a big enough heatsink, 7805 has a thermal protection and is shut down when the temperature is to high. For bigger current you may use an external transistor. The best solution to minimize power dissipation is a switching regulator like this: www.national
Hi drbizzarow, Any linear regulator (such as PQ30RV31) will get just as hot as your original 7805 design. To reduce power dissipation (heat), you must use a switching regulator, as suggested by several folks above. Possibly helpful: National Semiconductor has an on-line tool for designing and simulating power supplies, and for buying a (...)
hi you can use some of the switching IC from Texas i am not sure something of the series tps. I am using tps54310 for 5v to 3.3v conversion bye som
Hi my brothers! Anyone have experience with G20 GSM module for AVL application? I build one project with G20, Leadtek GPS module and PIC18LF6722, for power supply I use lm2576 ADJ step-down switching regulator...If anyone interested I can post the schematic here for give Your critics. Thanks a lot, Gorkin.
You can either use a linear regulator LM317 to make a power supply. Or you can use a switching regulator like lm2576 to make an efficient regulated supply. If you see the datasheets of these ICs, you can see the sample schematic diagrams also.