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Greetings engi's! I'm currently working on my masters (802.11 wlan receiver with MATLAB/USRPN210). After creating all the important stuff ie: -symbol finder -time synchronization -coarse and fine frequency compensation -symbol demodulator -deinterleaver -Viterbi decoder -descrambler layer decoding i'm looking for any test
Hi First of all sry for bad english. I hope I am right here. So I have made a simulink model of an ofdm system. Modulator, FFT, etc no problem, ... the time synchronization works, too. But the frequency synchronization don't. Every step I produce one ofdm symbol. So a vector has for examples 64 elements. Next there is the FFT,... (...)
OFDM Receiver: non-synchronous sampling scheme Hi all, we want to implemented an OFDM receiver in SDR (software defined radio),so for this reason we have the below problems 1-symbol timing synchronization(correct symbol start position before FFT) 2- the carrier frequency synchronization 3-the sampling clock (...)
Have you created the *.brd file first you have to create a *.brd file(PCB file). and in PCB editor only goto Setup>> User Preferences>> Paths>> Library and assign PAD path and PSM Path you acn assign any location of your symbol libaray in these paths. Now try to transfer schematic capture from CIS to PCB editor.
Dear All, I am a student and now studying about synchronization in OFDM system. I read all the threads in the forum related to OFDM. In OFDM, they use CP before OFDM symbols (by cut the last part of symbol to put into the guard between symbols). And for synchronization they use two PN (syn pilot) (...)
please help me,, how to detect preamble and symbol synchronization in OFDM schema?
I have a problem about suychronization in ODFM ( time domain). can anyone help me simulation this demo by matlab simulink ? thanks any way..
See my simple simulink models: Key words: PSK, QPSK, QAM, square root raised cosine filter, differential coding, feedback feedforward NDA decision-directed symbol timing carrier phase recovery synchronization, Gardner Muller and Mueller timing detector, Farrow interpolator, automatic g
Hello, I searched everywhere for an answer to my question, to no avail. I am using ADS 2008 (advanced Design System) - in DSP Mode- to simulate synchronization and channel estimation in WiMAX 802.16d (2004) PHY. I have a 256 point OFDM symbol, and I want to extract or slice a 64-point portion out of it. The slice can be points 1-64, or poi
Hi, I'm trying to understand symbol synchronization. I understand that by using correlation of the received samples with the upsample preample samples, we can find out where is the starting point of the symbols. However how can we use correlation to find the exact sampling point of the symbols. This is what I'm doing: (...)
Hi, I want to know how to achieve symbol or bit sync with preamble? And how is the performance of the data-aided bit recovery compared to the non-data-aided bit recovery method ? Thx!
RS decoder has no method to do a frame synch (codeword synch woud be better expression). Some other block(s) in the system has to inform the RS decoder when the first symbol of a codeword is made available to it. of course, without this info, the RS decoder will mess up a completely valid codeword. -b
Hi,QMA From the Rx side, assume perfect operation (1) is the position of time index start for DFT window process of N point (only useful data length) mean as find the first edge of each symbol or some point between channel length
Hi, I'm studying synchronization in OFDM systems . In time synchronization , there is an algorithm known as Null symbol Detection , in which the receiver locates the beginning of an OFDM fram by examining the recieved power and the dips resulting from the null symbols are used to control a 'flywheel'-type state (...)
hii i wanna any link about symbol and frame synchronization algorithms for WLAN's(or OFDM) regards; silawi
Guys, i have a doubt which i hope u guys can help me. I've read & studied about OFDM symbol synchronization, either through the use of cyclic prefix or preamble sequences. However there is 1 part i do not understand. My OFDM simulation in Simulink produces a real valued output before transmission (Complex symmetry at IFFT). Thus my transmitt
Is this a common practice to transmit identical data for multiple times in OFDM or just a choice of transmission methods? if you are talking abt the preamble .. yes its a common practice to transmit the same symbol repeatedly for packet detection,channle estimation etc.. Q2: The preamble and synchronization data. Is it
The forward link uses several logical channels: -The Pilot channel modulates a constant symbol and is used for channel estimation, which allows for coherent demodulation of the other channels that carry information bits. -The Sync channel is used for providing synchronization and configuration information to the mobile stations. -The Paging ch