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excuse me i cant understand what does it do ?? can i ask what the software is ?Wolfram Mathematica. Mathematica and Maple are major as symbolic mathematical analysis tool.
You should learn both .Like tha last person said .One is powerfull in symbolic math .The other in numeric computations .If you do theoretical work .matematica is a must .if you do engineering ,welcome to matlab.
I have really good experience with free package Syrup for Maple. It can symboliclly evaluate all currents and voltages in circuit (ac, dc and tran analysis), from enetered spice netlist. It was enough for my problems. Here is download and examples link:
Hi. Do you want to find the zero's numerically or symbolically? If you mean numerically then you can use SPICE. If you need a symbolic expression then there's no way around doing some circuit analysis (rather tedious), although there are some techniques that can speed up this process if you just need the zero's and not the whole transfer (...)
symbolic analysis can be done only for linear circuits in Tina. Transistors are nonlinear.
A year ago, there was a topic on this. This tool you refer is an add-in for Mathematica, for symbolic circuit analysis (e.g. transfer functions, two-port modeling). I don't recall a solution, though... the_penetrator?