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how to export pinlist in orcad olb file I just want to review sch symbols
orcad16.6 - In Capture using 3 MOSFET assigned footprint TO3 (standard in \pcb_lib\symbols\ TO3.dra). When jumping to Allegro PCB Editor trying to use the QuickPlace tool, all my schematic parts are placed on top corner except the 3 MOSFET TO3.
Hi, In general you need to create all the PCB footprint you need. orcad/Cadence does not provides generic PCB footprint libraries. And yes, it is required to manually add the PCB footprint to any component in your symbol library. You may find symbols and/or footprint from some vendors (e.g Altera ). Franck.
You should check your symbols because, obviously they have no pin numbers.
For schematic targeted for PSpice simulation one must use capture symbol libraries from ../tools/capture/library/PSpice/ folder. I suspect you are using symbols from ../tools/capture/Libray folder itself.
hi karna, please see the video tutorial as i mention below ,it will be helpful for you
Property mismatch pls make sure that all hetero or homo symbols has same property
Learn how to create components, footprints and symbols its a big part of the job, if you cant do that then don't lay out PCB's...
"No PSpice template" means what it says, you are probably using schematic symbols that aren't taken from the PSpice specific component library. Before designing a simulation circuit from the scratch with orcad capture, you should start with something more simple, e.g. opening and modifying one of the examples shipped with Pspice. Learn about th
Can any one guide for Linking to symbols footprints which are made by user... How to link with existing footprint without disturbing its symbol link?... Which setting are needed for that? I am facing problem to updating orcad pcb editor board..having problem eith netrev.lst....
Hi arbangalore, You have such option in the version u specified. Go to placement edit. In the find filter select only symbols. select all the components that you already have done the grouping(one path) and right click select done.Also follow the instructions in the command window. It will ask you to pick origin.Select any location. A window will
Both are refer to GND.If you want yo have two nets in design then use two different symbols otherwise use only one... Right click on design cache and select cleacup cache..
PCB packagesdo not contain library items for every component in the world, especially where they do not have a standard size etc. Learn how to make symbols, components and parts for it and making an LCD will be easy. After all its usually a simple connector and a big box.
No, that's the only way :-) Unlike DXDesigner- where the footprint names can be added to symbols through text editor
All the national semiconductor op amp models use the generic subcircuit box symbol, how can I change them to op amp with rail symbols? Is it something I edit in the model files? Can I do it for many models at once? Same deal for bridge rectifiers I want bridged diode symbols instead of generic rectangles. orcad 16.0 Thanks!
Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to take my 20 components already created in capture (I didn't make them all at once) and fit them into a single layout footprint? I found many threads regarding this but they all started prior to someone making said symbols. I'd hate to have to remake all the symbols so any advice or help is greatly ap
hi i have problem while importing orcad capture to allegro spb 16.3 layout.after import and packaging symbols to foot print in allegro i can see the component in place mode but it is not going to place. so please tell me what is the right process to save pcb footprint in library of allegro 16.3 that after packaging i can place the component in lay
Hello, Does anyone know where to find footprints for tubes to use in orcad PCB designer? I use orcad Capture CIS for drawing schematics and orcad PCB designer. Thanks in advance
Problem is with inductor/capacitor/resistor symbol. try replacing these schematic symbols from ../tools/capture/library/PSPice/analog.olb. With that these error should go away.
Map all symbols to appropriate footprints, add the footprint into the library of Allegro and make sure your DRC is proper and contains no errors in capture. Create a Board outline in Allegro and import the net list..
Many device makers give symbols and footprints of their components on their web site free of cost. And some makers such as National Semiconductors (Now TI) have tools such as Ultra Librarian ( ) which create symbol and footprints for most of Nat Sem and TI Parts. Apart from all these, orcad 16.X allows you t
I have got PMBD7000 (3 pin diode) Pspice model from NXP Semiconductor web-site. This model contains 2 diodes and 3 pins in the diagram After automatic converting the spice file of PMBD7000(Lib->OLB) using Pspice model editor and put the library in the orcad Capture window, only 2 pin symbols are shown in the screen. I am wondering there are wr
Hi, Have anyone tried creating a heterogeneous symbol with say 5 parts using pin list in an excel sheet ? If I split the excel sheet into five different gates (of the same part) and import them to make five different parts in orcad, can they be finally merged into one single entity ?
I am using (and new to) orcad 16.3. I have created several symbols (Capture only -- no footprints yet) without any issues. However, now, whenever I create a part, some of the pins are "unconnectable". I.e., I have a 10 pin component, represented as a rectangle with 5 pins on the left and 5 pins on the right. All pins are "Passive," either "li
Hello, You better look on Microchip website, they offers *** FREE *** CAD/CAE symbols for all of their products and for many programs including orcad, as any chip manufacturer should do :) CAD/CAE Schematic symbols and Footprints by Accelerated
Is there a way to selectively annotate a design in orcad 16.3? Meaning, assign a property to a placed symbol so that it doesn't get annotated, even when an unconditional annotation is performed? For example -- most of the connectors in my design are multi-part symbols (i.e., each pin is a different symbol). The part is set up for numeric (not
Here with i have attached for orcad symbols for Microchip PIC families and some other controllers.please let me know whether you r able to access it or not Regards Rajan.K
Hi fiends, how can we import the groups into allegro once we create in orcad schematic? Please be detailed answer. thanks in advance for your effort. cheers, chakri
Hi I use orcad PCB Designer 16,0. When using the Place > Manually routine the Place manual dialog box doesn't appear any longer, it is a floating dialog that give the option to add mechanical symbols - does anyone know how to enable this dialog box? Thank You.
Hi all, I have a doubt regrading the schematic library. I created some schematic symbols for IC but they are to be created as a single part. So to combine them to a single part, I created a new part (heterogeneous) in the library and saved it. Then opened those single parts and copied them to the new one It really worked ,but the problem
We (American) might be looking for somebody proficient in schematic entry/symbol entry and library maintenance. schematics/symbols must be entered in orcad Capture - familarity with orcad required. Familarity with FPGA required as well. PM (private message) with your qualification, and service charges. Resume will be appreciated.
Do you simulate in Capture? In fact, the model is for only one symbol. When use Layout, you have the others. If you want 4 of them, place four differnt symbols, and when you make Annotation, they must become parts of one footprint (with the same reference designator).
lists schematic symbols of Xilinx Virtex and Spartan FPGA, CPLD and other complex components for the orcad (R) schematic capture tools. Each symbol or family of symbols is provided in an .olb library. The list of components is constantly expanding. Large schematic symbols have multiple components with pins logically grouped by f
orcad CIS schematic symbols for the two chips you ask about can be found in the library at:
1) Go to 2) Under the heading LMH orcad Library You will see schematic symbols of the op amp. All files are contained in one ZIP file. Download LMH orcad Lirary (10k PKZIP file) If this does not help you PM me.
for capture symbols first u have to create new library as follows 1) in file-->new-->library 2)when the library is created right click-->new part and specify a name and u can start drawing the part and assigning the properties in help u have learning design flow option in which ther are lessons on this. for layout footprints oper the l
Looks like you don't have models associated w/ the symbols...
enjoy (link from )
I work with Pads now and a really don't like it.. Alfc rubbing symbols are allot more intelligent than this software. Stick with orcad.
Can someone tell me (or point me to a reference) how to put in alternative logic symbols in orcad schematic capture? For example, a 74HC00 can be a two input NAND gate (no balls on input and with a ball on the output). It can also be a two input NOR gate (balls on each input and no ball on the output). I cannot figure out how to implement th
For example: Click under "symbols" and "footprints" Usually they have the following formats: AXEL Cadence Concept ECPinPak Mentor DxDesigner/ViewDraw/ViewLogic Mentor Graphics orcad v9.x
Hi You don't need to draw symbols for MSP430 Register at TI site and you can download {D\L} orcad symbols for MSP430 for free ! All the best Bobi
HI , The ICA stands for Internet Component Assistant which used to be a free service for Capture users for download of Capture symbols and part information. I do not think it is available now and the CIS has to be configured to the local database. Hope this helps. Roslyn
Although I do not know orcad etc, can you identify them on the symbols etc with a + mark?
Can anybody tell me the name of designation standard in capture schematic editor? I mean graphical symbols, frames and title blocks... Or it's their own original standard, so I need to use other software to produce documentation?
Spinhx: I did generate many boards using PSD15 and CCT autorouter. Within orcad I don't even run the check because many symbols gives spacing violation. As you can attribute any color to any layer, it is difficult to assess what is your problem. The area defined for one specific pad (In your case the pin of a t092) is represented as well on the
Where to find an orcad Library with Xilinx Devices - FPGAs and CPLDs. I am looking for a comprehensive lirary with schematic symbols and Layout footprints ! Thanks! :)
Hi, When i creat new design in capture, I creat a new library for this design too. I put the new symbols in this library. When i copy the component i need from the other library to my library i notice that there are also some components are copied also. for example when i copy component R from Discrete library to my own library i notice t