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Hello, I would like to build a small symmetric PSU (<3A) for my projects. Space is limited so I am thinking of using a 24v laptop smpsu and connect at it's output this circuit to have a +/-12v symetric PSU. 1. In this configuration, will the opamp output ground be
I think TL072 is only intended to be used with symmetric power supply
Hello, Would I be able to get your thoughts on the following design? I have a load (piezo , active load 50Ohm) that I would like to send it a single symmetric narrow pulse (pulse duration 20ns - 100ns) with Peak-to-Peak (0 ... 140V). I have designed the switching circuitry to pulse this thing for adjustable amount of time. However, I have a
No L293 doesn't need dual supply (symmetric). What are the specs of your motor? If it can turn without load but stops with load then the power is not good enough of the current that L293 provides is not enough. Alex
The construction is based on universal LM317 with adjustable voltage from 1,2V to 37V and a current efficiency from 1,5A for LM317T. It is a universal power supply with symmetric supply with a good current efficien
The system is an ordinary regulated power supply built on a rather old stabilizer uA723. The power supplies symmetrical output voltage 3,3-2,6V and current up to 3A. Exceeding the maximum current will cut off the out
Assumptions of the project were: the power supply should be small and have big current efficiency, display the voltage, current, power and temperature, have voltage adjustable by a switch. Transformers used have 24V and about 5A.
You need a center tapped transformer Basic symmetric power supply | Circuit Diagram Alex
The assumption of this project was to make a cheap panel meter that allows to specify the voltage and currents flowing with the possible high accuracy at one time. Additionally, displaying the power consumption or re
Use the attached schematic, gain is (R2/R3)+1 in my schematic it is (9/1)+1=10 R1 is just in input load resistor, you can remove it if it not needed. 52316 CORRECTION this works for DC pulses, if you have actual AC you need to use symmetric power supply, or a bias in the input. Are you sure that the signal you hav
It seems strange to me that the power amp has a dc bias in the input, it should at least have a buffer stage. I have never seen a power amp with a biased input, you should use symmetric power supply for audio. Alex
1. A differential VCO doubles the signal swing thereby increasing the carrier power. So Phase noise improves. Moreover the substrate noise gets canceled within the VCO., does not introduce current spikes on the supply line, low harmonics and lower supply pushing. 2. The load that the VCO sees must be symmetric as well., or (...)
Well, first of all I see that you don't know how to uses opamp. Your circuit must be supply from symmetric power supply, or if you want single-supply opamp you needed to add the virtual ground. Your circuit will work as follow: (assuming correct supply)
These two questions confused me a lot. Anybody can give me any cue? 1) How to simulate power supply and ground induced noise in vco? The relation with power and ground push gain 2) Performance compared between inverter chain ring oscllator, current-starved inverter ring oscillator and differential delay ring oscillator( (...)
Hello everybody, I'm quite new to this branch, so I have a lot of questions :D . I have to construct the PA amplifier with two IRL510A mosfets ( rather modify old one to better performance ). The amplifier has supply 24 V and max. current has to be 300 mA. PA is used for the loop antenna in 7.5 - 8.7 MHz band. You can see on pic below an old PA
When I measure the WCDMA PA,I found the ACPR is not symmetric on the lower and higher side.The difference is about 6dB.Does anybody know how to make them even and better?Thanks a lot in advance!!!
Given you have a noisy power supply, use a differential circuit that is symmetric. This way the noise contributed to both branches will be the same and wont appear at the differential output signal
Do you use a pure bipolar technology? Typical asymmetric CMOS provide better PN, power and area trades. Also supply or substrate noise immunity is not perfect under transient condition in symmetric circuits. If you use CML circuit techniques either in bipolar or NMOS there enough examples for asynchron resetable (...)