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Most fonts are copyrighted and Ubuntu can't use or distribute them while remaining free and open source. If you go to the 'synaptic' repositories you can install fonts compatible with Microsoft and to change defaults on the screen use the screen (or display) settings menu. Incidentally, the latest Ubuntu is 11.10 not 10.10. Brian.
Linux Mint + How To Install Netbeans IDE From Source Without Using 'apt-get' Or synaptic Package Manager netbeans - Linux Mint Community Please have a look at above
Sure!! apt-get install octave gnuplot or check using synaptic all the stuff u need with OCTAVE. To execute it, just open an xterm terminal and write octave, done!! start using it.
use synaptic package manager and search what you want. You can check
It should be one for sure, if you are using a debian based distribution just check on synaptic, there is an electronics software section or agree more repositories to your sources.list and then search again.