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I run Hspice from matlab. I have a program for optimization where I need to run Hspice many times consecutively. After every simulation the pop up window appears And i need to hide the popup windows because that makes the program run slower I read a post that says just putting /min system('C:\synopsys\Hspice_A-2008.03\BIN\hspice -i C:\cascode\cmo
O.K., HREAD (=hexread) is a function from stdlogic_texio, a non-standard synopsys library.
Hi all, I am having problems with synopsys Design Compiler (version 2007-03-sp1) and VHDL fixed-point library. I have mapped to lib ieee_proposed the files fixed_float_types_c.vhdl and fixed_pkg_c.vhdl taken from the archive "" on the "VHDL-2008 Support Library web page". I am getting error when I analyze the file (...)
Hi there, we have an FPGA project with a synopsys dc_shell - Xilinx ISE design flow. There are dc_shell scripts that used to work well, but now the command syntax has obviously changed to TCL in version B-2008.09. That is not a problem. But, when I try to do write -f edif I get the error message: Error: format EDIF not suppor
or_reduce() is from synopsys "IEEE".std_logic_misc. It's a reduction or function, ORing all bits of a bit vector. In VHDL 2008, the reduction operation is achieved with an extended syntax std_logic_var <= OR std_logic_vector_var
Hi, I am using synopsys Design Compiler (Version B-2008.09) to create a Verilog file from a circuit specified in several VHDL files. The top level circuit given in VHDL includes several shift registers: entity cossma is port( input: in std_logic_vector(3 downto 0); clk: in std_logic; set_ff: in std_logic; set_ff_data : in
Hi friends, I got error when I run DFT 2008.9. The command "insert_dft" responds "Invalid test protocol". The old command "inser_scan" is supported. Run "set_dft_signal" responds "-type not found". What type should I set? As I know, the Test_Compiler "set_scan_signal" type is "test_scan_enable". Why it is wrond on DFT_COmpiler?:-(:-(
Hi! At the moment my standard synthesis script for Design Compiler is something like: set target_library "/opt/.../synopsys/synthesis/2008.09-SP3/libraries/syn/and_or.db" set link_library "* /opt/.../synopsys/synthesis/2008.09-SP3/libraries/syn/and_or.db" define_design_lib WORK -path ./WORK analyze -format vhdl (...)
Hi all, I use AMBA APB to configure a dut with systemverilog, the APB I used is synopsys vip. the attachment is the code. when run it failed as: (vcs use 2008.06 ) Error- Package not defined, 10 spa_test, "ApbMaster_rvm::" Package scope resolution failed. Token 'ApbMaster_rvm' is not a package. Originating mod
Can i use mentor ic station 2008 for place and routing along eith design analyzer of synopsys?
Hi, I am using synopsys 2008.09 Design Compiler and IC Compiler, I want to convert "lef" files to "plib" files and eventually to "pdb" library files. In synopsys Physical Compiler the "lef2plib" command does this, but I don't have Physical compiler. What can I do? Would you please help me ? Thanks alot.
Hi all, I was trying to run synopsys Hercule DRC using Hercule VUE (graphical interface) but I encountered a strange error. Here is the complete error log. The error is near the end of the log. Hercules (R) Hierarchical Design Verification, SUN.64 Release B-2008.09.18103 2008/08/21 (C) Copyright 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001
while using hspice 2008.03 on SLES 10SP2 64bit ,the simulator tell me : ic:~/test # hspice hspice.sp Using: /usr/bin/time -p /home/synopsys/2008.3/hspice/suse32/hspice hspice.sp /usr/bin/time: cannot run /home/synopsys/2008.3/hspice/suse32/hspice: No such file or directory Command exited with non-zero (...)
Hi all , forum helped me a lot , however i still have a problem this time with Hercules: I use Cosmos as layout tool with his default demo lib. When i tryed to check any cell for DRC an error happens Hercules (R) Hierarchical Design Verification, IA.32 Release B-2008.09.18103 2008/08/21 (C) Copyright 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999,
hspice_vB-2008.09 has already been available for over one month. It was released on synopsys's ftp on 09/04/2008.