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What is the difference in between timing arcs and timing constraints which we use in synopsys .lib file and verilog model file? Is it possible to check timing arcs and constraints in betwenn .lib (...)
please post a link to the video that you are referring to Now to your questions post-synthesis STA = synopsys primetime tool post-synthesis EC = synopsys formality or cadence conformal EC post P&R STA = synopsys primetime tool post P&R timing simulation=synopsys VCS or Cadence NCVerilog simulator post P&R (...)
A .lib is mostly generated by some other tool like Liberty NCX from synopsys.
.lib file contains the following all parameter units like area, time power...(in um, ns, nw) the timing and power information of the different gates. wire load model(like 10x10, 20x20...) operating conditions(PVT) these information is used in the synthesis process using library compiler .lib fiile is converted into (...)
In the future, the timing model of Astro (IC compiler) will be the same as PrimeTime. synopsys will release IC compiler in June. It include PrimTime as timing engine and Star-RCXT as RC engine....
I had some questions about how to use the ASIC libraries during synthesis (synopsys). I have a fast.db, slow.db and a tpz.db The fast and slow define the cell while the tpz has the pad information and some wire load models. The fast (...)