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Did you mean if I use "-clock_fall" in the commands, then does it mean I want to use dual clock? It meas that you are trying to put a constraint on the falling edge of the clock. For creating clocks, the " create_clock -period 5 clk " will suffice. So no need to use... create_clock -period 5-waveform {0 5} -name clk[get_
How can I get an evaluation or demo version for these tools??? Thanks There are no free tools for ASIC design for synthesis and place and route to my knowledge. Have you tried to contact the companies (synopsys, cadence, etc) discussing about the evaluation/demo version? Link:
Hello, We are doing a design which needs the multiplier. Does Cadence RTL compiler has the library which is same as synopsys Designware? So we can use the multiplier directly?
After reading my VHDL code in "synopsys Design Analyzer", when i compile the design using command window, the following error appears: "could not read following target libraries: (UI0-3) your_library.db" I only use IEEE library. How can i link this library? this is my VHDL code: LIBRARY IEEE; USE IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL; ENTITY mux_
When I read in the *.svf file in formality I got the following output: guide_transformation restricted to guide mode only Error: /home/formality_svf/svf.txt (Line: 11812) Originally from syn/output/guidance.svf: Parse error. SVF set to 'syn/output1/guidance.svf'. Afterwards the verification goes on successfully. Is th
TetraMAX uses Verilog library to build fault models. Try this: read_netlist /usr/local/synopsys/syn_vE-2010.12-SP4/doc/syn/dft_tutorial/LIB/class.v From Netlist Formats, Testbenches, and Test Patterns Interfaces TetraMAX ATPG supports popular industry standards for netlist and test pattern formats: &#
You need to link appropriate PLI SO files to VSIM. Usually the SNPS Power compiler should provide this for you - I believe you use that to generate the SAIF file. Look at: $synopsys/auxx/syn/power/vpower/lib-$ARCH/ Note that $synopsys variable should be set to your (...)
Hello everyone, I am a newbie to ASIC design, and I am trying to get started by studying the book "Advanced ASIC Chip synthesis Using synopsys Design Compiler, Physical Compiler and PrimeTime" The problem I am having now is that when I read chaper 2, the author lists several .v files as the design entry. And they are tap_controller.v (...)
I have created the forward annotation file in dc_shell (/rtl2saif forward.saif/) and import it into modelsim by library using the command "vsim -foreign "dpfli_init /lsc/synopsys/syn-2005.09/auxx/syn/power/dpfli/lib-linux/" -c -quiet tbgen" with no problems Modelsim reads ok that file but when i try to (...)
Hi! At the moment my standard synthesis script for Design Compiler is something like: set target_library "/opt/.../synopsys/synthesis/2008.09-SP3/libraries/syn/and_or.db" set link_library "* (...)
I want to run fm_shell using multi cpus in one servel (not multi sevel) but it seems not work. Hostname: RHEL37 (amd64) Current time: Thu Sep 17 11:32:11 2009 Loading db file '/tool/synopsys/fm_2007.06_SP3/libraries/syn/gtech.db' fm_shell (setup)> add_distributed_processors rhel37*4 Status: Forking successful (...)
The mentioned ASIC lib delivered with Leonardo is a sample lib. You have to get a actual digital library in the desired technology from the fab your're targetting at. This library should be in Leonardo syn format supplied by the fab or when in synopsys liberty format, use the Leonardo library compiler to create a .syn file. (...)
i encountered a problem when typing "design_analyzer", the error message is: /edatools/synopsys/X-2005.12-SP1/linux/syn/bin/design_analyzer: line 247: /edatools/synopsys/X-2005.12-Sp1/linux/syn/bin/dc_view_exec: No such file or directory. I checked the directory, there is not the (...)
there isn't the dc_view_exec file in the directory indeed, and there is many other ..._exec files there. the synopsys Design Compiler version is X-2005.12-SP1, and the platform is RHEL 4, and the shell is bash. I type design_vision, it also did not work. I will post the full error message later, because it is weekend on my side. Thanks!
hi, when i am running "design_analyzer" there is error message: ".../linux/syn/bin/dc_view_exec" No such file or directory... how to solve it? thanks!
as the error message says you need to install Milkyway. once it is installed you need to rum the install script located at usr/synopsys/admin/install/syn/bin/setup_astro_env. hock
the error message is: /edatools/synopsys/X-2005.12-SP1/linux/syn/bin/design_analyzer: line 247: /edatools/synopsys/X-2005.12-Sp1/linux/syn/bin/dc_view_exec: No such file or directory. I checked the directory, there is not the dc_view_exec, what's the matter? Can't run design_analyzer (...)
Hi friends I recently installed synopsys IC Compiler 2005.12 on CentOS 4.6 but I cant find design_vision dc_shell runs ok I only have the following files in cant find design_vision and dc_view_e
Hello there, I'm trying to use ACS for the first time and during the analysing process, DC spits Error: Can't open synopsys primitive package '/home/apps/synopsys/synopsys.2007.12-SP4/auxx/syn/presto_vhdl.prims' (HDL-1) that file is actually missing in the install (...)
You need to set the link library and target library path. Use the following commands in the dc_shell: dc_shell> set link_library_path $synopsys/libraries/syn/lsi_10k.db dc_shell> set target_library_path $synopsys/libraries/syn/lsi_10k.db These are standard libraries that come with (...)
can any one explain me about the footprint in the standard cell synopsys timing library .lib why they are used, i observed that they are same for all the stdcell with similar functionality Please do post some related documents related to this
Hi, is that possible to get some technology library of any constructor in order to train on synopsys tools ?
Although being VERY VERY late (4 years ...), these synopsys PLIs can be found in ANY synopsys DC distribution. Yes, now there's available! For example - in synopsys DC 2004 suite: ./syn_vV-2004.06-SP2/auxx/syn/power/vpower/lib-aix64/libvpower.a (...)
use the latest installer from synopsys. I haved installed vcs-mx on RHEL AS4 before. There was no any error.
maybe you need modify this statement to the following read_lib c:/synopsys/doc/syn/power_tutorial/lib/class.lib try it and good luck to you
when i transport edif from synopsys to cadence , i met the problem that is "External Library 'generic.sdb not found' " .HOw can deal with it? who can help me? Thank you very much !
Hi, When installing syn*psys DC on Suse 9.3 I get a runtime GLIBC error. I want to use this version and NOT Redhat 7.3, therefore is there anyway around this problem? I am currently using an old version of DC (2002). Thx
for csh try this (just like) setenv SNPSLMD_LICENSE_FILE 26585@licsvr setenv synopsys /eda/synopsys/solaris/syn200x.xx set path = ($path $synopsys/sparcOS5/syn/bin)
Hi all, I have the trouble about installing the synopsys syn2003. I am followed as below: 1. tar -xvf common.tar 2. tar -xvf linux.tar 3. ./ then it tell me can't not find the "README.syn", "README.FS3", and "README.FS4", but I found the "README.syn", "README.fs3", and "README.fs4" in (...)
there are some syn scripts in synopsys manual, just check it.
I think synplify ASIC has a tool that can convert synopsys lib to its .syn format. It is called lib2syn , in the synplify ASIC bin directory. Please read the synplify ASIC document to get more help.
Does anyone can tell me these modules' functions in synopsys software? Thanks!
Suggestion: Use synopsys "Design ware" to implement a multiplier. Report area--> Get the answer! (Note: The area report has different unit scale, it depend on lib. Maybe um2, gate, cell...)
I installed synopsys2003.06 before, and now I want to moev it to different path. But I found that synopsys will use absolute path for scripts in the installation hierarchy. I found that the synopsys/linux/syn/bin contains many scripts using absolute path to invike (...)
which tools support 64bit linux ?? 1. Cadence .. 2. synopsys -->
you should use xlibcreator tool. To convert synopsys libs to syn of Leonardo. this stands basically for the standard cells. For the memories (e.g. generated by some ROM/RAM tools you must have) xlibcreator doesn't do a good job. it requires tweaking the lib files for the generated RAMs. Awful! the_penetrator?
Maybe you can try synopsys Library Compiler. If you have library compiler's license. Key the following command to go into the Library Compiler.... unix> lc_shell
When I runed and inputed /usr/synopsys, screen echos " linux is not the correct platform" and let me input the platforms. But my platform is true linux, and the software been installed is true linux software yet. Who tell how to solve it? thanks what's kind of Linux are you using ?
Warning - Do not discuss here synopsys license validity or contents problems
I can launch this program only as root. Why ? I installed the program as user and the license file locates in an user's home directory. Before i launch design_vision, following variables are set: SNPSLMD_LICENSE_FILE=/home/username/license/synopsys.dat export SNPSLMD_LICENSE_FILE (...)
/tools/synopsys/linux/syn/bin/dc_view_exec: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Please .. help me !
I am trying to install synopsy 2002.05 on RH 9.0. I tried using export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1 and my installation is stucking at WARNING: Invalid platform(s) LINUX. Skipping ... Select platform(s) to install: { LINUX } Enter the list of platform(s) to install : linux Can anyone plz help me out. Thanks
If you are the user of synopsys software,you can access site "solvnet.syn*" where you can find some very good articles!
Hi all! I need Fpga compiler from synopsys...please help me!! Thank you verry much! Ramo
tell me to where I can upload what you need. I can send you "\a\m\i" & "\a\t\m\e\l" verilog & synopsys libraries.
Does anybody have synopsys ACS (Advanced Chip synthesis) ready made Scripts, and Flow Tutorials ? Thanks in Advance for your help !