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Dear All ; I 'm using sentaurus workbench as attached GUI in simulating multigate mosfet , and I need to add to parameters (number of fins and supply voltage ) as input parameter to the user to sweep on them I added them but can't add the command lines corresponding to those parameter in the sentaurus process input command file , I don't know in
I created structure of tunnel field effect transistor using tcad synopsys doping and meshing already done but after simulation using des.cmd file ,I am unable to get proper current(Id Vg Characterisitics ) due to some missing model syntax in the physics of device , kindly anyone help me for model or syntax of model behind tunnel FET to get
i have the same problem with the breakdown simulation in synopsys... can u please send the code if u have got...
Dear everybody, I am installing synopsys tools (scl, then vcs,...). I think I installed successfully them, because when I run license I receive: lmstat - Copyright (c) 1989-2006 Macrovision Europe Ltd. and/or Macrovision Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Flexible License Manager status on Wed 3/30/2011 06:02 License server status: 27
hello everyone how do you do post simulations in synopsys?
can anyone tel me how to do fine meshing of the channel in a cylindrical gate (GAA device). telme the code using window or multibox method in sentaurus synopsys tcad
how to define meshing for a cylindrical channel nmos/pmos device in synopsys sentaurus tcad
Hello Frends, I want to simulate mosfet in sprocess synopsys product but by using different material lyk instead of SiO2 i want to use some other material this is possible in sde but is thsi can be done in Sprocess also? If Yes than How? Thanks
when i am running synopsys tcad emw node that time the execution of .cmd file is normal but at the time of reading .tdr file which is the o/p of mesh showing segmentation fault. Plz any one help me.
Hello, I am using Sentaurus tcad version C-2009.06 to simulate VJFET for III-V semiconductor material, i am facing problem regarding new dopant species introduce in it. If i define it in parameter file the program fails and if i omit the command its run successfully but given as error "No dopant species was found". Can someone help me out of thi
Hello, My project is to design 60nm p-well CMOS using synopsys tcad s/w. I have designed 180nm and 90nm successfully, bt since i dont have the exact parameters for the 60nm, m stuck. Can u pls help me??
What are the difference between those tcad : - synopsys ISE - Sentaurus - SILVACO Thanks, OkGuy
Hi Folks, I am trying to simulate a Schottky barrier device in synopsys tcad Sentaurus. Everything works fine, if I am neglecting the Schottky Barrier Lowering model. When I turn the model on, I got convergence problems. What should I do to correct this problem? Here is the source code of the device in tcad. STRUCTURE SOURCE CODE
tcad Sentaurus from synopsys is a good tool to study FINFET characteristics
Hi, could anyone please tell me how to find the synopsys tcad tools? I'm mostly interested in the Sentaurus. I need it BADLY for my thesis and due to financial problems the university has not yet purchased a decent simulation program. It doesn't have to be a rapidshare link, just a suggestion for a place where i could buy it cheaply. Being a stu
hi can somebody help me to get this .gzp from ----------------------------------------------------------- To download the project: 1. Start an FTP session to, for example: > ftp 2. Type anonymous as the log-on name. 3. Enter your email address as the password. 4. Type binary at (...)
I finished the device structure, doped it, and meshed it. The device mesh file is generated and saved. I can view the meshed device through Tecplot. Then I write the device simulation file. The sdevice log file says this : Parsing "/usr/local/synopsys/C_2009.06-SP1/bin/../tcad/current/lib/sdevice-16.0.4/MaterialDB/Molefraction.txt" Inputfile d
I had installed synopsys tcad tool sentaurus on my RHEL4 system When I run the command sde I am getting an error "HOOPS STACK Compute Transform HOOPS ERROR CAnnot find Display driver at or above '.' " and the screen is getting struck Can anyone solve this? Thanking you RamesH
I am doing 3d simulations using sentaurus structure editor. where I am getting following error.... sdemodel.cmd:line 28:Error:maximum side length must be positive (close to ')'.) Do anybody have idea regarding this...pls help.......
Hi the followings are candidates: 1. wien2k 2. multiphysics tools like comsol and synopsys tcad tnx