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Hi all, I noticed some issues running Synopsys synplify (aka synplicity), in particular with DesignWare, on Ubuntu 10.04 which might also apply to Design Compiler and other Synopsys tools. I had run on Ubuntu 9 before, with success. I was observing problems connecting to the license manager, when using DesignWare. It turns out that Ubuntu uses
Well you should definitely look at synplicity's products like synplify pro. They support many fpga vendors.
Ask the synplicity guys for an evaluation license.
synplify is the bare bones version. synplify Pro has a much nicer interface and offers a bunch of addtional features. There is a big difference between these two versions. As I think you may have already discovered, the only difference between the Pro and Premier verisons is the physical synthesis option, otherwise the two versions are identic
Hi all, We want to know the Hardware requirements for the synplify pro v8.2, v8.6 and version v8.9. From the release notes we found that v8.2 and v8.6 doesnt support for 64-bit machines (as it was given it supports for x86) and v8.9 supports for 64-bit machines on Redhat Linux and SuSE Linux OS. We want to know whether v8.2 and v8.
you can do that using xilinx accelDSP synplify DSP
As you may know synplicity has been acquired by Synopsys last month. (03/20/2008 6:16 H EDT) ==================================================== Please refer to:
it means that synopsys acquired synplicity :D and instead of focusing only on the ASIC market it'll enter also the FPGA market and compete with other EDA vendors...
Hi vlsi_freak, Here's a feature comparison chart:
Hi folks .. Anyone knows how to view the generated netlist as a schematic in synplicity ? I'm using synplicity that comes along with Lattice ispLever package .. Thanks in advance
Hello I came across a bug in synplify 8.6.2. When compiling a project, I received: --------------------------------------------------- #Build: synplify Pro 8.6.2, Build 013R, Jun 5 2006 #install: C:\Winappl\Electro\FPGA\synplicity\fpga_862 #OS: Windows XP 5.1 #Hostname: ERIC-AMD #Sun Aug 19 14:25:20 2007 $ Start of (...)
thank you . i visit resource center ,but the update is not i need
I've been using Altera Quartus-II 7.1 web-edition to synthesize some hobby projects. I hope one of these becomes commercially usable, but I have a big obstacle. Since I wanted to learn some Systemverilog, I wrote all the RTL in Systemverilog 3.1a (though it can be downcoverted to Verilog-2001 pretty easily.) Quartus-II supported just enough sy
you can download evaluation version of synplicity products from there website. download the product you need and follow the licensing wizard... regards
Usually synplicity is considered the best. Mentor is good too. If you want to try these tools without paying you need to ask the vendor for a trial.
hi out there. I 've got synplify 8.5 with license.txt file both from synplicity. But i am Still having problems by the installation on a single windowsXP client machine. Please Help. thnks.
Does any one know what synthesis tool is used in Xilinx ISE 6.3i. Is it Xilinx Synthesis technology (XST) or synplicity synplify. I have read somewhere that from ISE 6.2i synplicity has merged its physical synthesis tool inside ISE Environment. Is it true?
Using Advanced Features of synplify PRO and synplify Premier (incl. Graph-Based Physical Synthesis) Prototyping Update and Roadmap Digital Down Converter using synplify DSP
Depends on the synthesis tool you're using. synplicity synplify is very popular and easy to use for targetting FPGAs
synplicity synplify,synplicity FPGA,synplicity ASIC, all different tools?