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Hi friends, I synthesize a very simple veirlog code but I got an following error when I did "synthesize -to_mapped". There is nothing between the single quotes. How can I find what and where the error is? I will list my code and tcl file. BTW, I used RTL Compiler. Thanks. Error : A required object parameter could not be found. [ge
Did you check Characterization in DC?. The allocated budgets can be used to drive the synthesis of individual blocks. The budget generation and allocation process is iterative. You use the RTL budgeting flow to allocate initial budgets, then use the initial budgets to synthesize lowerlevel blocks. You can apply the synthesis results to the bud
Hello all, I am using RTL compiler to synthesize a pure combiniational digital designs. I would like to know how to constraints the synthesis tool to minimize the Area as its first periority or even may be the only periority. The shell script I use to synthesis my designs is: #/bin/sh SYN_ID=$2 FILE=$1 SYN_TOOL=rc (...)
THIS IS FINAL synthesis REPORT OF MY DESIGN. iT HAS"a" AS ITS INPUT,but it's taking a as clock,Dont knw WHY.PLS HELP. SECONDLY,if the same design(which took input as clock,on its own) without clock gives, timing report as Minimum period as well as Maximum combinational path delay,IS THE REPORT CORRECT?? Clock Information: --------------
Q) how inputs of the combo logic cone for a same compare point can differ between golden and revised A) Depends on what options is used in synthesis to get netlist and constraints you have applied like DFT. Q) What is the probable logic transformation which can be happen for the same compare point between golden and revised w.r.t mapped and not-ma
Yes it could. For example, some flip unlocked, which will be removed by synthesis.
Logic optimization, a part of logic synthesis, is the process of finding an equivalent representation of the specified logic circuit under one or more specified constraints. Generally the circuit is constrained to minimum chip area meeting a pre-specified delay.
Just want to know the opinion of the forum. Is it preferred to use exactly the same set of constraints for both synthesis using DC, and STA using PrimeTime? Does the synthesis tool use the false path specifications, or max transition constraints? Or can we use a simpler constraint file to do synthesis, (...)
Hello Can we apply XDC "Xilinx design constraints" file -which is nearly similar to SDC "Synopsys Design constraints" in syntax and commands- to XST "Xilinx synthesis Tool" in ISE, instead of applying the XCF "Xilinx constraints File" or the UCF files ? In case the answer is no, So When can we use XDC files with ISE ? (...)
1- synthesis should be done with the worst corner(s) to reach the setup constraints. 2- place & route, I usefully have in MMMC flow, how many setup condition, where I want to be sure my design must reach the setup constraints, and for the hold condition, all corners I want to have my design to be functional. I mean, some corners do not have (...)
hei b4 that is it possible to do STA on verilog files? You should synthesis it and input the netlist to primetime which can be in *.v format. But not RTL files directly. Correct me if wrong.
Hey, synthesis is not just converting RTL or higher level design into lower level (mainly gate level). synthesis tools like synopsys design compiler also do optimization of your design. There are various algorithms which are followed based on the design and constraints put by the designer. This is the reason it is always advised to do RTL (...)
Dear all. I am running a synthesis for some componennts of the router I have build in VHDL. My goal is to have latency and throughput resuts for the router. The thing is thath I am trying to understand the difference between the default period analysis (green) and the following red analysis! What is the difference between them? They
1. Micro Architectural Review(FLOW Diagram Level) from all aspects like Timing Area Power. 2. Once above is approved RTL coding starts 3. All Frontend Checks 4. constraints 5. synthesis 6. Deliverable to Physical Design
STA is signoff , Where as your logic synthesis is optimization tool(either DC or RTLC(from cadence). We run Pre-layout STA to check the correlation between the constraints used during the Logic synthesis and STA tools. One of the precautions to take is, make ideal nets for high fanout nets else it will show lot of mismatches in the (...)
Area constraints to tool is given have lesser area. It doesn't help in meeting timing. Tool does upsizing and buffer insertion to meeting timing, this will cause increase in area. Yes, meet timing is always first priority for the tool. Floorplan is normally after synthesis. But if you are doing physical synthesis then floorplan is done (...)
Hello all I have a query regarding XIlinx XST synthesis option, that why do we need to check or uncheck the "write timing constraint" check box during synthesis setting. I know it will write timing constraint in NGC file. But since we are giving timing constraints to the design using UCF file. So why need either the UCF file will th
Hello All, What Timing Considerations should be taken into account for the Top-Level synthesis with I/O ring? Should the constraints be applied on the external pins of the I/O ring (pads)? How should they be calculated? Thank you!
I have heard about 2 methods to deal with hold time. First: To deal with it in synthesis using DC as follows: set_operating_conditions?min BEST ?max WORST creat_clock xxxxxxxx set_clock_uncertainty xxxxxxxxx Second: To deal with it after P&R. Could u plz tell me your practical way to deal with it i
Design rule constraints in synthesis, try look at the table in this blog: