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I am doing project with about 4 modules which are driven by same clock 200 mhz ..I have idea about STA and about the delay concepts .. I am not getting how to give timing constraints for the design for synthesis in design compiler ... please anybody help me to just tell me how to proceed forward . .I know to give clock .. But for behavorial d
hi in actel flow, i have to write my timing constraints as SDC, referencing to net objects. the synthesizer handles them correctly, but the P&R program says error in SDC. i belive the P&R should be also timing driven, not only the synthesis. probably the objects and object names disappeared after synthesis. how to maintain ALL (...)
Hi, Two different clock 400 Mhz and 200 Mhz in a design. In terms SDC file: What are things take care in synthesis Stage? What are things take care in PNR Stage? What we have to specify SDC constraints files? see the attahment Regards, Ravi
hi all, if i give the set of libraries operating at diff voltages say 1.8,1.2, and a level shifter library, and use insert_level shifter cmd and then compile do the synthesis tool itself divides the power domains and insert level shifters to satisfy the constraints or should i nee d to explicitly assign the modules in my code to diff operating c
I see in the following webpage that you can write constraints before synthesis. This brings up the question that "does one need implementation constraints if one has already written synthesis constraints?" For examples, i write synthesis constraints to co
pliease attach your synthesis report and constraint file you had given, for both cases.
hi, my 2cents, * You need to have libraries * you need to have design constraints to better understand the flow of syntehsis visit myprayers, chip design made
I see in the following webpage that you can write constraints before synthesis. This brings up the question that "does one need implementation constraints if one has already written synthesis constraints?" For examples, i write synthesis constraints to const
yes. Usually if u dont give any constraints the synthesis tool will just like that will place and route the design. But if u give some contraints like if u give the clock frequency as a constriants, it will try to fit the design to satisfy the constraint. If still u find any problem of slow clock you have to find out the longest path and u have
The warning you see are not w.r.t code, You haven't defined properly your constraints while synthesis of your design. Please double check if you have constraints on clock and reset pins
a few things ... 1) Without timing constraints loaded DC cannot see any valid timing paths. You will always get "Path is Unconstrained" for every path in your design. 2) Load your timing constraints before your initial compile. If not you will get lots of failing paths as in your 2nd report. Again, if DC cannot see valid timing paths, it cann
Hello srpatel9, Could you elaborate ur design, means how u are generating the clock ? How u re using it.(any diagram ?) As much i can understand from ur description, u can create generated clock in ur constraints for synthesis. Even if you do not define generated clock, i think ur circuit will be synthesised. But this is not (...)
While doing synthesis who gives us the constraints to set and on what basis do they give? And on what basis we judge that the synthesis step is over and proceed with the next step?
For an actual implementation you, at least, need to define were the signals of the entity declaration are connected to the hardware. In your project, with the top module selected, look under 'User constraints' and activate 'Floorplan IO - Pre-synthesis'. This will allow you to define were your hardware is connected to (which pin of the FPGA), and
hi Actel recommends to set up timing constraints in the "Designer" which is the P&R tool. But, if I change the VHDL code, resynthesize, and open the designer for P&R again then the previously set-up constraints disappear. This is because the synthesis tool overwrites them to the default values. If I add a conctraint SDC file in (...)
I am slightly confused about period constraints? I am in the design exploration phase. I don't know what is the highest clock frequency my design can work with. How do i quickly find out such details in the FPGA design flow? And once i find out such details, do i have to write constraint file? Please help precisely :)
Sorry for this kind of questions, but I DO need to make an idea about something: Nowadays , which is more in demand(wanted) ? 1) Digital Design in HDL 2) Hardware verification in HVL 3) Digital synthesis 4) P & R including timing constraints 5) Custom Layout I know that everyone above are very important , but I know tha
my 2 cents, After receiving database from synthesis team and prior to place and route you can perform some sanity checks. 1. To validate the quality of constraints read in the netlist and the sdc file in the primetime and perform check_timing and generate report which will giving inputs like the quality of database like how many of the flip
Can anybody post me the xilinx and altera training material? I need to know right from the RTL coding to synthesis , applying timing constraints , pin configuration and the final implementation. Please help me with these docs, as i have to prepare for the interview. Regards Deepak
How the input delay and output delay and clock constraints are defined during synthesis? With the set_input_delay, set_output_delay and create_clock commands?

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