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I have finished synthesizing my circuit in design compiler. Now I want to do a gate level simulation in Modelsim in order to get the power consumption. The gate level simulation works correctly, but generates "xxx" when annotated with the SDF generated by design compiler. I've tried to reduce the clock frequency but still get the same result. I sho
I am not sure which constraints you are referring to. It depends on which constraints you added/modified. If more pessimistic constraints were used during synthesis and if they were relaxed in Tempus, the results are bounded. If more optimistic constraints were used during synthesis, then (...)
Hello, I ran synthesis on a IP many times with a variation in the frequency each time. and no additional constraints given during synthesis to the design. please look into the attachment , i observed a consistent zero slack from 500 Mhz to 1 Ghz. Is everything ok or iam missing anything ? give some suggestions
syntax errors will throw an error in the synthesis tool incorrect net names will throw warnings about nets not existing. As for the timing, thats something you need to specify.
Hi All, I am using Virtex 7 1157 FPGA. My design with RTL is freezes. I cannot modify a single line in the RTL. I needs to infer the DSP blocks for particular adder logic in my design. During the Synplify synthesis, I observed that automatically these adder are not using DSP blocks. Is there any *.sdc constraints for inferring the DSP block
The ASIC synthesis tools like Cadence RTL Compiler will report static and dynamic power consumed in your design in the power reports. How does the tool calculate the dynamic power even without the switching information??
FPGA synthesis tools have timing analysis to check if a design is able to run at the intended clock frequency and usually also implement timing driven synthesis to tune the design for maximum speed if required. So the first step would be to write suitable timing constraints and determine the achievable counter speed. Not knowing the used (...)
Hello, i want to do a power analysis on the post-synthesis netlist of my design. My main design inputs are connected with one of my sub-designs inputs(i.e. with the component's A inputs). My main design outputs are connected with one of my sub-designs outputs(i.e. with the component's B inputs). Here is the problem: When i set constra
Hi dear engineers, I want to khnow about vivado features: 1- In vivado is it possible to synthesis the design with for example 8 CPUs (multithreading)? 2- When i script the " set_param general.maxThreads 8" in TCL console and then synthesis the design, synthesing the design are multithread or other level also ( like place and route level ...) h
Hi. As I know, basically, we do synthesis in worst case(Max delay data path, Min delay clock path). But I want to know that what if I use clock gating then what constraints are needed to my sdc? What kinds of aspects are needed to consider to synthesis within clock gating ? Is this only functionality problem?
Suppose I have constraints for five blocks for the synthesis of each of the five blocks. Now this five blocks are instantiated at a top level module and I want to synthesize this top level module. How should we proceed? How can we port the constraints of these five blocks at the top?
Hi, I have the logic that generate DDR output signal e.g. assign DDR_out = clk ? DDR_pos_reg : DDR_neg_reg and using DC to synthesis it. clk signal is the select of the mux and create data value on both edge. This architecture is valid as mentioned in thread. But I checked the clock tree log fi
What should I do if I find out the area after synthesis is larger than I expected? (this is a question that I encountered during an interview, can any one help me find the answer? Thank you )
Well the synthesis used an input file SDC hand written where the designer indicate the constraints, it is not mandatory, as RTL compiler for example has his own command to constraint the design. using SDC is recommended and could be used by the majority of the synthesis tool. Personally, I used as input of the place& route tool the generated (...)
What are the minimum required constraints to be given while synthesising a design? 1. clock period 2. input delay 3. output delay 4. clock uncertainity 5. clock latency 6. set load Other than the constraints listed above, what are the basic constraints required?
How to check the SDC is correct or not at RTL syntheis level?
Im working on a Warning Speedometer project, im currently having trouble thinking about circuit topologies that can be used for frequency multiplication. Once you do the math (refer to the guidelines below) you see that in order to go from frequency to mph you multiply the frequency of interest by 2.88,this is why i want to design a frequency multi
Hi All, What Optimization constraints do exist? 1) defining cost groups 2) what next? Thank you!
Without constraints that directs the synthesis tool to keep redundant logic cells, or using low level primitives to describe the circuit, you won't get a working ring oscillator. I could tell you how to do it in Altera Quartus, I'm not using Xilinx. But I'm quite sure that it's possible with Xilinx tools, most likely you'll find respective hints
Hi All, What should I check after logic synthesis? As for me, here is the list: 1) Timing Warnings (negative slacks) 2) Gate Count What am I missing? Thank you!