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According to this post the question is for the filter written in vhdl code the multipliers that i have used in the code is 164 multipliers per the fpga there are total 192 multipliers But the synthesis report it shows 148 multipliers and the filter coefficients are symmmetrical.I doubt whether during the optimization of the code the it has redu
Hi, I use Design the setup part(file/setup), there is three type (fast,typical and slow with 1.32 ,1.2 and 1.08 supply voltage ) in 130nm cmos technology. when I synthesis code, the result received for power, in slow type is bigger as typical type. while the supply voltage in slow is smaller than typical.
Take a step back and ask if there's any good analog synthesis, at all. Digital, you have about 3-4 care-abouts - area, power, timing closure, functionality. Analog, you typically have dozens of parametrics per block as well as noise, matching, stability, input / output ranges and impedances. Making specification alone, a big hassle and
I'm an analog guy trying to make sense of digital tools a) once you APR a block through ICC, do you do a LVS on APR output. If so, how? for synthesis I know you do conformal or some equivalence checking, what do you do after Layout. do you compare the CEL format with Gate level netlist or RTL b) Typ RTL has no power pins and I think the .syn wi
You must do a synthesis to be able to have an accurate estimate. This URL may help you:
Hi to all i have power report after synthesis using synopsys design compiler and there is many power type Cell internal power = Net switching power = Total dynamic power = cell leakage power = so i need what power my design consume (...)
What exactly are the challenges that one faces when you go from say 65nm to 32nm and also in terns frequency where we use gigahertz scles During synthesis or during place and optimization
Hi All, What special should be done for Low power synthesis? Thank you!
Hi Guys. When I am doing power network synthesis and power network analysis in ICC, I met some curious things. I did two experiments on power network synthesis. EXP1: with the standard cells placed. EXP2: with the standard cells unplaced. Then I used the same PNS script do (...)
Greetings colleagues, I am currently working on the Synopsys Low power Flow Workshop (Lab 3 synthesis). The library files used in this design are : 1) saed90nm_hvt_rdsr.db 2) saed90nm_lvt_rdsr.db 3) saed90nm_max_hth_hvt_rdsr.db 4) saed90nm_max_hth_lvt_rdsr.db I have specified the operating condition for the design as WORST in the library
Hi, I have a post-synthesis gate-level net-list derived from Synopsys DC. I have used power gating specified using UPF. Now I want to make power-Aware Gate-Level Simulation in Modelsim, but it does not work properly. Can anyone help? Is there any tutorial?
Dear Friends, I have 5+ yrs of experience in synthesis, Physical synthesis, Low power, DFT, Placement , Pre-CTS Optimization, Formal verification, Flow / Methodology setup, ECO, Timing Closure / analysis, QoR and TCL Coding. I am looking for a change now - either in design companies or EDA product companies. I am currently based in (...)
1. Micro Architectural Review(FLOW Diagram Level) from all aspects like Timing Area power. 2. Once above is approved RTL coding starts 3. All Frontend Checks 4. Constraints 5. synthesis 6. Deliverable to Physical Design
I'm using Synopsis DC for synthesis.. I get a warning in the multi voltage check report saying that "the isolation cell A connecting pins C (related supply net X) and D (related supply net Y) maybe redundant. Supply net Y is always on or more or less equal to supply net X".. Wat does it mean exactly?? And how to clear this warning?? [COLOR="silv
hai friend you can refer this document , i hope this might help you when you synthesis your design you will get the total power required your total no of cells thank u
A lots of shift register is used in delay line in my design, which consumes significant power. Is there a method of telling the rtlcompiler to synthesis the code to TSPC register rather than the master-slave register? Thanks in advance.
Hello all: I am estimating power of a post-synthesis using a VCD based flow using Primrtime-PX. I am using following command for reading the vcd file: read_vcd -rtl -strip_path tb_registerfile/UUT reg.vcd and it is printing out the following messages to console Information: Reading file reg.vcd to annotate toggle rates on the design...
Hi, I want to synthesis my VHDL code in design compiler.i want to use 90nm libaray.i have wriiten UPF for power gating implementation.. Can anyone tell me which library i should use for this purpose.i have SAEDPDK_EDK folder which contains many library .
powerCompiler (or DesignCompiler, as PC does not have own interface) may insert isolators, level shifters, always-on buffers, retention registers during synthesis. power gating cells are inserted after synthesis by PnR tool (like Synopsys IC Compiler).
If your library has power switches and isolation cells , you can follow "low power synthesis Flow" of Synopsys Design Compiler to power gate each section of your design. You must refer to "Synopsys? Low-power Flow User Guide Document. This web page could help you a lot too :