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Dear Sir, JupiterXT have two good function of PNS(power network synthesis) and PNA(power network analysis). you can predict your chip power consumption and tool also automatic generate power trunk for you. Best Regards, chyau
Gated clocks are used under some constraints .. usually circuits used for that are technology dependant and can be infered during synthesis if your RTL was originally coded in a specific style/way in order to do that ..
savage67 It is very easy to generate 3 sine waves with with phase 120 difference and adjustable frequency between 2-110 Hertz by using DDS (Direct Digital synthesis)
You can probably create a power spec in Encounter then take that spec back into PKS. I don't know how to do it in PKS. I assumed the flows went something like this: Classic flow synthesis->Floorplanning->P&R->P&R optimization Physially aware flow: Initial floorplanning->Macro/block placement->PK synthesis->P&R
Hi, Vendor has 3 types lib, They are high voltage, standard voltage, and low voltage. And each contain fast/standard/slow. What's the difference about vlotage, which should I use? Thanks
You are wrong on both counts. Both clock gating and Vt swapping are usually at least improved upon in the back end (post synthesis). In fact, most companies do Vt swaps on post-layout netlists since the timing is more accurate. Beyond this, back end designers can attempt to route signals that belong to fast clock domains on metal layer with lowe
Hi, you guys with questions: To propose anything more detailed than reading hundreds of application notes and data sheets, one has to know a bit more: First: The application should be known (Voltage conversion up/ Voltage conversion down, current source, inductive heating, waveform synthesis, class D power amplifier....) Assuming that a qu
the .db file is for synthesis by DC, Physical Compiler (PC) uses .pdb instead of .db
clock gating is a systemitec approach to reduce power consumption . it will affect synthesis processor and place and layout .
UCF are used in synthesis as well as in implementation when we r talking abt the FPGA implementation. It consist of all the pin location info, path timing info and other stuff like intilization or ROM values, any other constarint related to placement etc
I want to use primepower for power estimation. I've done post synthesis simulation and generated VCD file correctly.then I used primepower commands for power estimation based on it't tutorial. but all the results of estimation are wrong because primepower consider a default 1Ghz clock not my (...)
You have to do post-synthesis simulation get vcd or saif and then annotate switching activity information back to DC by using command read_saif if you have saif or use utility vcd2saif and then annotate into DC.. For furture info read power compiler manual Regards, Dr.farnsworth
how to synthesis multi-vdd moudle for low power design! thanks Added after 11 minutes: and who can tell me what i should do in the synthesis setp for low power design? thanks
Here are some of the things to look up: 1. Clock gating inserted by synthesis tool 2. Top level clock gating (inserted by designer) 3. RAM segmentation (split up large ram into several small ones, than only power the one you are using) 4. power gating for leakage savings 5. Voltage scaling
RTL Compiler's advantages: 1) timing optimization --> from a) global synthesis, b) boundary optimization 2) area --> from boundary optimization 3) power --> from its low power synthesis infrastructure 4) capacity 5) runtime (...)
FE (First Encounter): - Prototyping tool --> floor plan, power plan,... GPS (Global physical synthesis): - Use the same keyword of "global synthesis" from RTL Compiler. NanoRoute: - Router (global route + detail route) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOCE 5.2 = FE + RTL Compiler + (...)
Hi I am writing verilog code for data compression techniques and I want to write 'z' in memory module. Also I would like to compare these 'z' values with logic 1 and logic 0. I know we can do it in simulation but what about synthesis. Can I do the same??? Is there any remedy to above problem. Thank you, Anay
vhdl code for leakage power reduction!!!. hmmm I think u should try reading some basics.... VHDL,Verilog describes hardware. Multi Vth cells are selected during synthesis by the synthesis tool. I wonder whether you are asking for the C-code for selection of Multi-Vth cells for synthesis. there is very less chance of (...)
I didnt understand whats your problem. As you said Multi-Vt synthesis is used for reducing leakage power. The timing critical paths in the design will be using Low-Vt cells for high speed. And Non Critical paths use High Vt cells. High Vt cells has less leakage power , but Propagation delay is more compared to low-Vt cells.
basic RC do synthesis is interms of GLOBALLY. Dc do optimization in the timing path. but RC first take timing (cpt) do optimization . then none critical path RC do area,power optimization. so it can achieve tradeoff between area,time ,speed