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1.powerful PhySiSys" technology and the new Milkyway-DUO" (Dynamic Unified Optimization) architecture. 2. including timing, signal integrity, crosstalk, power, die size, routability and manufacturability. closure 4.synthesis netlist optimization 5.physically accurate silicon models 6.Milkyway Duo is the run-time (...)
hello, many EDA tools support low power design anyone can tell me what kind of low power techniques supportted by the EDA vendor (cadence, synopsys, MAGMA...)? i know the synthesis tools have switch active reduction, clock gating, operand isolation & multi-Vth optimization, and any else? the APR tools can handle voltage island (level (...)
By the way, my DC synthesis report said the power of my chip which has a area of 30,000 gates ,is 2335 tech lib is fujizu 0.25 um .Can any tell me what' s wrong with this. How can i modify my DC or lib setting to fix it.
Basically, the tool needs to know the from-to voltage domain pair of specific level shifter. After that, you should able to instruct the tool where to insert those level shifters. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Currently, the logic synthesis tools and P&R tools have the ability to
Yes you can. But if u use a very high frequency the std cells will be upsized unecessarly and will result in higher area/power for the design .. Typically for prelayout synthesis a 10% overconstrained clock is used.
For 2nd question: SDC should be used for synthesis. So if you just report the power after the logic/power optimization, then SDC file is necessary. Because the synthesized netlist may have large difference from the one w/o timing constraints. If the constraints are so loose, then maybe the netlist does not have much difference in (...)
It's said that using inverter instead of buffer has a lot of advantages such as reducing insertion delay,skew,power,leakage current,process violation(P variance)... Who can tell me the practical effect of using this techonology?I got larger insertion delay by using inverter in astro:cry:
hi, the low power library may have multi-Vt and multi-Vdd cells. so using the synthesis tools, we can design low paper quickly. just my opinion.
Most synthesis tools will complain exactly as you predicted, with an error message that says "second operand must be a power of two". Next step is to read the vendor's libraries manual to see if they provide an optimized division module.
now,magma is RTL to GDS can do logic synthesis with blast create,do layout with blastfusion, do SI and power analsis with blast rail.
I used the netlist synthesis by DC and the same library in Firtst Encounter. Without any change(IPO or CTS), I get a very different power estimation report. From DC the power report is : Cell Internal power = 23.9280 mW (84%) Net Switching power = 4.4078 mW (16%) (...)
You can use power synthesis to reduce power. And power synthesis you can find at synopsys synthesis tools , but you need the power synthesis license.
onehot encoding: The number of FFs used is the same as number of states in the FSM. say a 31 state fsm will be having 31 flops after synthesis. only one flop will be active ("hot") in a state. Adv. Low power(since only one toggle when state changes), simple decoding logic. Binary encoding will take n flops for 2^n stat
Details about the Book Asynchronous Circuit Design. Chris J. Myers Copyright  2001 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBNs: 0-471-41543-X (Hardback); 0-471-22414-6 (Electronic) Asynchronous Ciruit Design A Wilcplnterscience Publication JOHN WILEY 8z SONS, INC. New York / Chichester / Weinheim / Brisbane / Singapore / Toronto Cont
Hi In ASIC Design Flow : among others... 1. synthesis : Synopsys Design Compiler 2. Floorplan and P&R ( include clocks) : Cadence SOC Encounter 3. Functional Verification : Synopsys Formality 4. power Analysis : Synopsys Prime power 5. Timing Analysis : Synopsys Prime Time or Design Compiler Regards : Elektor
I use nLint to check RTL codes: 1. syntax 2. design error, include DFT, timing loop, mismatch between synthesis and simulation and synthesis error. And more, i use it to check my netlist sometimes.
It is of use to research the performance of nonuniform shapes.we often use uniform microstrip lines or stripelines to synthesis couplers or power splitters, but they all have limitations especially in wideband application. I think we should apply genetic algorithms and artificial neural networks to the study of the shapes and to the (...)
Many companies are using this for power estimating ans verification after synthesis. Nanosim is a package of many simulation tools from synopsis, and powermill is added. powermill can work seamlessly with synopsis's VCS, except the Synopsis' waveviever, the waveform output file *.out can also be open by cadence's simvision. (...)
In my design. Most modules have gated-clock design, do you think the power Compiler is needed for my design to save power? Thanks in advance. if u have gated clock in your design U better use power compiler .. since it automatically selects latch based clock gate circuitry during synthesis . Also optimises (...)
I have done partition in certify. And How can I use synplify synthesis the two devices. What file should I export to synplify? Also, Can I keep the hierarchy when synthesis in certify synthesis tool??