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Hi guys I hope you are all having nice weekends I have started to focus on POLISAR (the combination of POLSAR & INSAR). Can anybody help me understand: 1) What advantages of polSAR and inSAR are significant that we combine them? 2) In what applications, UAVSAR employs polSAR and/or inSAR? 3) what are the recent challenges / research (...)
hi people i am doing my MS thesis for synthetic aperture radar... Can anyone plz guide me
Dear all, It would be grateful if someone would give me the following ebooks: 1. Carrara W.G., Goodman R.S., Majewski R.M., Spotlight synthetic aperture Radar Signal Processing Algorithms, Artech House, 1995. 2. Curlander J.C., McDonough R.N., synthetic aperture Radar: Systems (...)
hi I need to blowe book: Franceschetti, Giorgio, and Lanari, Riccardo, "synthetic aperture Radar Processing ", 1999 guide me please. Tanx.
I am assuming you are asking about synthetic aperture RADAR antennas. In general they are one directional. Otherwise they would give ambiguous results by adding the images from both sides. On aircraft they are on the sides of the fuselage and only image to one side.