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Hello there, I have an image processing design developed in Xiinx system generator and i have exported it as an IP core. But i have problems in sending and receiving image data in SDK. Does anyone work on these lines.? so that i can ask you further..
Hello everyone, This is my first post in I have an example design in system generator for image operation which has one input and one output. I want send data through AXI stream interface and export it as an IP core to vivado IP integrator and develop the design further using DMA (...)
I have installed xilinx ISe system generator. It has been configured for MATLAB. But when I open system generator, MATLAB is opening and in that when I open simulink, Xilinx blockset is missing. Can anybody suggest how to configure xilinx blockset in simulink.
I hope you are trying to use system generator M-code block. Check this says "Persistent variables are local to the function in which they
Use Xilinx system generator tool set and you can interface Simulink with RTL design. The other way is HDL coder from Mathworks
You did not explain anything: 1) Is low voltage distribution system AC or DC and what is its current? 2) Protection from what? 3) What is the "fault current" and what causes it?
Hi everyone! I wanted to design some digital filters for an ECG device based on Zynq SoC. Since The device works with 24bits of data, I can't use the FIR block present in system generator. So I designed a low-pass 65th order FIR filter with 250Hz cutoff frequency, and a 2nd order band-stop IIR filter with 50Hz center (...)
hello everyone, i deleted my xlmax.m from the matlab library can anyone tell the path in which this xlmax.m is situated, if anyone has 2014b, or system generator kindly tell me the path i will create a new file using that name and save in that path. if im creating that file else where its showing error. just tell the path where that (...)
1)does anyone know what are the 'x' and 'y' values going into cordic atan from fft simulink in system generator?? 2)can we represent magnitude and index with respect to each other at a time??, generally magnitude has a seperate signal and index has a seperate signal!!! 3) how can we verify an 8 point (...)
hai every one, im using a fft 9.0 in matlab similink using system generator, im getting my real part and imag part, but im not getting the index values how to obtain them ? in my design im using a sine wave given to fft , thats it , but im not obtaing index values kindly help!!!!
i made a system for generator which starts with RF remote and stops the generator automatically, the system is made with atmega8 and an LCD is also connected which shows Voltage and Frequency of generator. the problem i m facing is that when the circuit is (...)
My edge detection model simulation works fine in system generator for software part and displays the output :-) but after generating hardware cosim block and running the same model using virtex 2 pro board does not give any error but does not display the output at all.:cry: Can any one help me out to figure out the problem?
Hi ctzof, Pcb layout, gnd loop have significant effect on esd performance. Generally, the shunt diodes should place close to USB connector so that the pulses will divert to gnd without getting into the system.
Hi friends, I know something about xilinx system generator. But the problem is "i don't know how to use it" and By using system generator whether the circuit convert into HDL or not.
Hello, we are a cycle / recycling company in London (electronic amateurs with some help from students). we are a facing a problem with a sound system, we have previously powered with 12V leisure batteries. now we have got us a generator 2.2kW max power out put and we need to convert the 220V power output to 12V. The challen
Hi friends, I need to know about Xilinx system generator. For what purpose we are using that ?? and whether the blocks are modeled using MATLAB or Xilinx.. I need to know about these things.. and also for using the system generator whether we have to install separate tool or not??? (...)
hello everyone, i am a student and got a project for "implementation of a channel equalizer for a wireless OFDM according to the IEEE 802.11a and Hiperlan/2 standard." i dont have knowledge about system level design environments for DSPs into FPGAs..,what i have is this ieee paper and nothing else, i (...)
Hellow all i have designed generator automated transfer system. it is based on 89s51 which controls the operation. circuit uses LM7805 with 10uf16v before and 100uf16v after the regulator. i have also used 5.1v zener for protection against over voltage and 100pf for noise filtration. circuit senses 220v AC with the help of (...)
I installed Matlab 2014 and ISE 14.7. but these two softwares not configured in system generator and it shows not supported, how can i solve this problem? i want to configure these two. thanks
Hey guys! I am planning to build a TTL pulse generator, but i dont really know wheather to construct it in a FPGA system or with a Mircocontroller. The pulse generator should be able to give out 8 pulse trains with independent frequencies simultanously (the pulse frequencies range about 5-15 kHz) and programmable (...)