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I found the circuit for Type2 compensator in the following link I would like to know the relationship of OUT with IN and Vref (Fig.7)
Audio or TV systems with remote control will use digital potentiometers or a similar functions integrated into their audio chip sets. Digital potentiometer ICs with SPI or I2C control are made by various vendors. Voltage controlled amplifiers have been used in old systems but aren't common any more. As (...)
There's no one general solution to this, because the system you're trying to compensate may have any sort of transfer function. The method I prefer is the K factor method described here. Basically you pick a desired crossover f
You could think about using analog switches, however it is not too clear your strategy to ensure that both systems will access the LCD not simultaneously. Perhaps you could use some signal form some of these systems and check how it berhaves in order to use it to control that switch.
It's not clear to me which part of the "car project" you want to design. In case you are using off-the-shelf car audio components, which control interfaces you intend to use? Be sure that recent car radios and car audio systems are using digital control for everything, e.g. the sound level. So it can be basically remote (...)
As said, technical compressed air systems are using compressor on-off control together with pressure tanks and mechanical pressure regulators. Nevertheless analog pressure control using a variable speed compressor is an option for special purposes. What's your application?
sir, i am intrested in learning embedded systems. what are the subjects helpful before going to learn embedded.
You can buy AC or DC servo motor systems. The AC is usually more expensive both motor and control but it can last forever. DC motors with brushes will wear out. It comes down to how much you want to spend and what features you want. Low cost low power systems would use a DC motor and a (...)
If you downloaded the current version, then it is probably 64 bit. 32 or 64 bit is a major difference in computer systems. (64 bit is more recent and more advanced.) Open your System control panel to find out which your computer is. If it is older then it could be 32-bit, making it incompatible with 64-bit software.
hello i am intersted in referrnce and books on building control systems ( closed loop PID , fuzzy , ....) for motors and such in industrial product , and i need some books to RE-UNDERSTand the theory and practical implementation in "digital" (...)
They are radio-controlled. You hold the sending unit. The receiver is in the vehicle. Newer systems use FM. I once had an older system which was AM. The control signals consist of brief gaps in the carrier transmission. The length of the gap varies from 1 to 2 milliseconds. This is translated into a command pulse to the (...)
It's been a while since I finished my control systems course and I'm struggling to find a pic that demonstrates this but if you were to imagine a system with three left half plane poles, one completely real and two complex conjugates closer to the imaginary axis. If you look at the root locus you will see that as the gain (...)
I believe that the Wikipedia DLL article gives a good explanation Another way to view the difference between a DLL and a PLL is that a DLL uses a variable phase (=delay) block where a PLL uses a variable frequency block. In the control systems jargon, the DLL is a loop o
hi all i need to discuss some issues first i am writing scenario then i will discuss the possible solution and later impact of my solution.. scenario i have been given duty to control HVAC.. there are two systems installed in the system. i have been asked to cutt-off the system if temperature goes below say T=50 the second should also (...)
ABOUT ADATRONIX: Adatronix is a broad line distributor of electronic components, equipment and accessories for the consumer electronics industry. Adatronix products include Electronic components,ICS,Power Transistors,control systems,Military components , Servo motors Industrial Automation,Power (...)
PID is used in simple and complex systems - like an inverted broom on an RC car or a Robot on a bicycle - I would start with temperature or Motor Speed control using low power DC. Learn how Proportional gain affects error with varying loads 0=100%, ramp rates 0 to 100% velocity error and ramp error (...)
Having worked in Radio transmission/ TV transmission and computer control of transmission kit for 40 years I have never had to do it. systems that work on balanced lines which require a differential amplifier are always designed to cope with unbalance with fully floating inputs, so it is immediately obvious if there is a fault in this (...)
105776 The image above shows a basic block diagram of which systems are there and how are they connected. A PIC16Fxxxx mid range 8-bit micro controller is the center and will control all the peripherals. Power supply is provided to MCU (microcontroller unit) and all (...)
Hello all, I have joined a to-be rapid prototyping centre and have been assigned to study and review the equipments needed in the centre related to embedded and control systems. National Instruments are offering us a great package. I am wondering if I can get the list of NI competitors in order to get (...)
Hi, I'm working on building a 4-wheeled robot (dimensions: around 1mx1mx1m) with pneumatic controlled arms and various sensors attached. The robot is currently being controlled using a single Arduino Mega controller. Directions for movement are given using an interfaced gamepad. I read about Distributed (...)
Hi. For a new project I need to control some actuators wirelessly by RF remote control. We need a handy and small two-button remote control which can be connected to an Arduino or other microcontroller. I have already managed to find such systems and (...)
Hi y'all, I'm doing investigation on distributed generation and mostly focusing only on renewable energy sources like solar and wind systems. In my research i have to cover material on voltage control, optimum location and size, power quality and loss reduction. Do you have ideas on what I (...)
Are there wires/cables already in place? Such as a phone line, internet line. You could send commands over that. It would require extra equipment. Or there is wireless communication. There are walkie-talkie systems that use public radio bands. 6km might be within reach. I suppose you would create transmit coded commands in (...)
The remote control issues its commands as a series of pulses modulated on to a carrier frequency. Different systems use different carrier frequencies and coding systems. My Modern Panasonic flat screen TV responds to the remote control from my 20 year old VHS tape recorder. Frank
Please, am new to the project world. I am also a newbie at this forum. Pls i need help concerning this project. I am meant to 'get speed' and 'set speed' using a GSM modem, PIC 16F877A, LCD, DC motor, Optical encoder. I don't know how to program the microcontroller to set the speed using PWM and get the speed from the Optical encoder.
Firstly, I would like to say hello, since it's my first post on this forum :) Ok, now going back to the topic. My problem is that I need to do some tests and gather information about control quality in systems with feedforward and recurrent neural networks. I have to admit that I have little experience with using neural (...)
m doing in electrical in POWER systems and control , pz help me with some seminar topics for my 1st year seminar.
Between which systems are trying to do this serial communication... Please mention them if possible. and from which side are you willing to control your communication? and also mention weather the both side is programmable to you or only single end is in your control?
You can relate the difference to using a sawtooth versus a triangle carrier waveform in analog pwm generation, which reults in trailing edge versus double edge modulation. Technical multiphase PWM systems, e.g. motor inverters are mostly using double edge modulation, resulting in lower pwm frequent ripple current.
For the last ten years of career I worked on an imbedded telemetry system using OS/9 (linux on a chip) as the main processor and 8051 machine interface units on a bitbus bus. The software was written by a software house. we also used Siemans control systems, again the software was written by a software house. Can you see where this is going? (...)
Normally Relay takes some seconds for switching which is ok for camera.But not for Fire control and Access systems. Relays usually have around 4ms switching. Can you explain more Fire control and Access System, what speed in this you need ? Best regards, Peter
i know for stability we need positive PM GM . that means at -180 degree gain should be negative(in decibels) for stable systems . From where this arrives i mean why -180 ?? i read somewhere that after -180 degree NEGATIVE FEEDBACK BECOMES POSITIVE FEEDBACK and if at that time gain >1 than system will oscillate and become unstable ?? why (...)
The correct answer is solved by studying "Impuls response of n-th order LTI memoryless systems".If you check/study that, you'll will find the answer. Hint:Consider Laplace Transforms and Differential Equations of LTI/memoryless systems.
I am interesting to know about the automation systems (production line) and the machines that manufactures these products: solar cells, thin-film solar modules, display screens like: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), touch panel and plasma, thin film rechargeable lithium ion batteries, lithium ion batteries for electric car, fuel cells (...)
Before discussing the design of error amplifiers for PWM circuits, you should possibly understand the role of and necessary properties of error amplifiers in time continuous control loops. See e.g. Analysis of PWM systems is more complicated and mostly done in a simplified way by replacing the PWM pa
RCC NOVA is a Polish company located in Cracow designing and producing universal and dedicated controllers based on modern microprocessors. Our controllers are individually programmable according to the customer. This allows them to be used in automatic systems as well as for atypical devices (...)
These are known as 'access control' systems in the security industry. I don't think they are cheap. Check (for example) maybe they have what you need. If you wish to implement it yourself, you'd need a microcontroller board with an Ethernet interface of course, and maybe PoE so you can power
The general answer is, you need to use an amplifier with suitable frequency compensation rather than an operational amplifier with full open loop gain. The compensation should be easy for fixed pure RC loads. Refer to stability calculations for amplifiers or general control systems.
Hello guys, I am trying to design an IGBT based welding system and i have some questions : For current control, we need to a feedback and i know that usually Shunt resistor used for these systems. 1) would be better that we use hall effect instead of shunt resistor (at output) or not? 2) How about CT transformer? (...)
I would like to try simple robotics (since I don't have background about it and I know simple programming). The purpose of this course is to introduce you to basics of modeling, design, planning, and control of robot systems. In essence, the material treated in this course is a brief survey of relevant results fr
Using VFDs and Sync-Transfer control systems
Hi , i am posting a brief description of a system designed by me for those who are interested in wind energy systems (it works fine) 78518 This should serve as a point of approach, i am waiting for smart guys and girls out there in the world to come up with better ideas in this field ;-)
External beam radiotherapy may give isolated stable results but extremely difficult to control at resonant levels with triggering explosive amounts of gamma radiation that kill electronic control systems,.
Minimum phase polynomials have all there zeros inside the unit circle of Complex plane. In control theory and signal processing, a linear, time-invariant system is said to be minimum-phase if the system and its inverse are causal and stable. Not quite correct. Minimum phase systems must not have zeros in t
I want a plant for which input and output can be measured and its dynamics(mathematical model) are not available. Someone please suggest me such kind of systems.Also state varaibles are not available for measurement.
Hello. i am an undergraduate student of electrical engineering. i m currently trying to decide a final year project for myself. my interest are in control systems and i want microcontroller as its integral part. can u guys suggest some nice ideas that might be practically useful as well. thanks in advance
To increase noise immunity of the 555, try to power up from a 12V power supply. Install a bypass capacitor on pin 5 (control voltage pin) and use a bypass capacitor near to the 555 power pins. Try to eliminate any ground loops, the most common source of noise in electronics systems. Proper grounding is essential for glitch-free design. (...)
Hi, I am aware that DSP and control systems are two branches of the broad topic 'Signals and systems'. I'm thinking of pursuing an advanced degree in either of the mentioned topics. But I am unable to decide between the two. Can anyone please describe a normal day in the life of dsp engineers (...)
Sounds very academic. Normally you start with a spec, and define what will meet cost, performance issues. Most systems are 3 phase generators with variable field current control and schottky bridge diodes which as in cars are the 1st thing to blow. But in your case it is an academic project to design the (...)
Here are some good references (they're not particularly recent), if you're close to a library: Burns; Wellings - Real Time systems and Programming Languages Bennett - Real Time Computer control: An introduction Castelli - EOS: IEEE Micro Oct 1985 Labrosse - uC/OS book Cooling - Software Design for Real-time systems Also, (...)