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Since I lack the understand of real world applications of Fourier Transform in the real world I decided to buy a signals and systems book (lathi) do some FT problems and them do the same in problem in Matlab. The question in the book wants me to find the FT of signal f(t) = e^-at; from 0 to T I know in order to find FT I have to do the follow
U may look into simon hayking book on communication systems for an idea about eye diagrams .. MATLAB too has specific commands for computing these diagrams.. Look for sample codes in lathi book ...
Hello, Iam looking for Modern Digital And Analog Communications systems - Fourth Edition - B P lathi solution Can any1 helps me to find it ??
They have their own cal also follow linear signals and systems by BP lathi and Rames Babu...
Hello, Please I need this book Modern Digital and Analog Communication systems, by lathi 4th edition, 2009 Help please
Ya above two books are very good. U may go for principles of communication systems by Millman and Taub. Also Communication systems by Sanjeev sharma. For digital communication see digital commu by Amitabha bhattacharya.
Hi, The power spectral density (PSD) is the Fourier transform of the Autocorrelation function for the power signal. For more details you can check Chapter 3 of lathi book; Modern Digital and Analog Communication systems. Best wishes.
i am in need of soution manual for MODER ANALOG AND DIGITAL COMMUNICAION systems by B.P lathi.I will be very thankful to u if u could help me
do anybody have the link of this book and its solution manual, Signal Processing and Linear systems by lathi dont confuse it with the same author's book on Linear systems and Signals, this is another book.
My dear fellow engineer, Could you please care to use the search feature before you ask such trivial questions. never mind, B. P. lathi, Signal Processing and Linear systems & DSP by Proakis are good books. Thank you.
could any one upload the book "electronic principles" by Albert Paul Malvinno and solution manual of signal processing and linear systems by b.p lathi ita very urgent ,kindly help me thank u
Information on the Solution Manual to Linear systems and Signals by B.P. lathi
If you are asking about discrete values, you can use the "Sliding Tape Method". lathi signals and systems book gives a good example of this, all you need is the input function x and the transfer h and you can compute the output. If you are refering to continous values - convolution will give you the output.
I have been referring to Modern Digital & Analog Communication systems by B.P.lathi. I was reading Chap. 7, Principles of Digital Data Transmission. In Sec 7.4, he discusses scrambling, where he says that it is used to prevent unauthorized access to the data & to remove long strings of 0?s & 1?s. Can somebody explain intuitively or prove mathema
Hello. Anyone have "Linear systems and Signals Second Edition B. P. lathi" solution manual , please upload ? Thx.