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DEOL DISPLAY systems, manufactures of high quality led signs for a wide range of industries. Deol Display systems (DDS) specializes in custom led signs based on customer specifications. Starting with our proven standard design, we offer exactly as much customization as necessary to meet your needs ? quickly and efficiently. (...)
My name is Ashley, I live in the UK, I work with alarm systems but have not worked at a component level for quite sometime. I have a variety of bit at my disposal and have retro fitted my gun cabinet with a 12vdc led strip light. The Magnetic contacts I use in work are what we call normally closed for example when a door is in its closed pos
Needed some embedded code examples in C that covers the State Machine concept. Need some examples to better grasp this topic.
Hello, I would like to investigate the different 24VDC led lighting distribution systems that are currently available on the market as we have to plan a large office building lighting system. I simply cannot find the offerings which i know must be out there in this field. I wish to compare prices Do you know of any 24VDC lighting system
We are looking for information on how to develop led based big Video display systems and moving displays. As for now, what are the suitable technologies used and what would be the road I should take? I think nowadays these type of projects used FPGAs. So how should I proceed? Development kits or demo boards suggestions are welcome. To design
IEC 62034 Automatic test systems for battery powered emergency escape lighting, available from your favourite standards bookstore (or ask Google).
Systech trades and supplies trusted quality electronic appliances and equipments which are manufactured by branded companies from all over the world. We also offer various installation, repair and services of Projection systems. We have a vast experience, based on which we offer outstanding services to all
Hello, I am about to move out from EU to BKK. I am offering our electronic knowledge to any companies who need well educated, precise, electronic engineer serviceman. Skills: cash registers, scales, led displays, home automatization, sport timing systems, home security systems, solar energy systems ... (...)
Many important details are missing from your schematic, in so far it's meaningless. I don't know if you previously operated AT89S52 processors, it can't be more than a guess to me when you say that everything is "in place". Debugging of processor systems "in real world" goes step by step, e.g. blinking a led with no interrupts enabled.
plz help me ...
We offer multiple levels of service relating to electronic and electrical products, from design and prototyping through to delivering certified ?turn-key? products and systems. We are best characterized as a complete solution provider. We offer customized electronic product, including electronic toy/ remote controller/ led lighting system/ LCD dis
I have GPS navigation Called Easy Roads, and i don't have CD which comes together with navigation, also i don't have original SD card, I tried to found that on manufacturer site, but its China :) Now they producing led lighting , no mention of navigation systems. The data on case is: Easy Roads GPS Navigation System Brand: Easy (...)
First off, my understanding of electronics is very basic, I understand mechanical systems much better, but I am interested in learning more. I would like to build a circuit which lights up a small light bulb near the ignition in my car after I close the car door and the courtesy light goes off so I can see where to put the key. I am thinking
Located @ bangalore, India. we develop led Display systems. Contact for other details.
Hi The systems work with voltage. so you must convert current to voltage at the end. and all problem is converting current to voltage as I know. regards
Digital radio systems on a chip, a systems approach, by Charles Chien.
this book is right for you Real-time systems design and analysis : an engineer?s handbook you can download it from here:
These are quite economical as emergency lighting systems. They can also be dimmed. They need some kind of preheating. Can anyone give me a working circuit to use these. Preferably withouting any special purpose IC's? Thanks in advance. bimbla.
Does anyone know about Optical CAD?