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Here's a tachometer project with MikroC source code: SH1_Tacho How to make a contact-less digital tachometer using IR-light reflection technique. Part 1.
The purpose of work is not clear. You want to measure speed or angle ? If is only speed, a tachometer counter could be enought, but direction rotation information will be lost. However if is angle, should consider Index pin, to resset account and correct some accumulated error, every time turns at position 'zero'. PS : Some microcontrolers,
Couple small dc-motor or spepper motor to measured motor axle (now you have tachometer) and measure generated voltage . It is function of rpm. Fix screw in radial direction to axle, measure with proximity sensor or with small , coil magnet inside , how many pulses it generate in 1 min. = rpm. Clue small white or reflective piece radial in
if you are still trouble in hall effect sensor try tachometer speed measuring idea. if you are interested to control speed from measured data, go through following link PWM Motor Speed Control Uses AC tachometer Feedback you
I want a female plug to place onto this one is at the back of a mini-mill SX2 from the manufacturer SIEG it has outputs for a tachometer I would like to make myself ... I cannot find any of these plugs. there are 7 pins, 5+1 pins, but never 6+1 pins also if s
Hi everyone. I'm trying to determine the frequency of a incoming signal at roughly 7KHz. This signal is correctly identified using a scope and is at correct logic levels. I am using the 16bit tachometer digital block which adds a second interrupt. It is basically a 16 bit timer with the added interrupt. I have a 1MHz input clock which should g
I am designing and building a turbojet engine and need a pcb to monitor high speed rpms and exhaust gas temperatures and do an emergency shutdown at a presettable overspeed rpm and control start up and shutdown procedures. Can anyone give me any help? I am pretty much illiterate when it comes to computer programming and electronics construction!
Hi , could you help me please to understand the assembly code of this LCD tachometer with pic 16F628 for example I don't undersand the use of blades and how it works ?
I'm trying to figure out how to modify the tachometer circuit in my car to accept the signal from an aftermarket standalone ECU. Unfortunately I DON'T have enough electronics knowledge/background to figure this out first time through on my own :( . Help would be much appreciated. If you want to see my original thread about this on the car forum
Hi, Recently I visited the page Frequency Counter by PIC16F628 Now I'm very much interested to build the circuit with modification to use it as a tachometer(or rpm meter).The hex file is working correctly for frequency meter. B
More data please What kind of tachometer? What kind of servo? position or speed? I used a washing machine motor with AC tacho for speed servo ; controling high speed in 5000 -13000 rpm range with uc3843 ,no micro.
i urgently need to make a microcontroller based contactless tachometer but m getting lots of circuit. can nebody help me with a circuit that is well tested? I just cant understand one thing. Why most of Indian members ask for tested and full projects? You may be an exception. Just try one of the circuit you have and post
Everything about How to Designing and Construction of A Low Cost Digital RPM Meter. step by step tutorial, very important project for university students. see this >>
I have chosen to work on a small project - a DC motor controller - with the objective of building a tachometer with a PIC MCU. But I have never designed with a DC motor before, and so I have no idea what the current (milliamps) and voltage that they can handle (max and normal operation). Can someone help? I have attached a picture of the approxi
Here are a few thoughts: - Vibration can be sensed directly with an accelerometer. - Vibration frequency will be the same as the revolution rate of the motor. So, you could add a tachometer to the motor. Are you using a pager vibrator motor with eccentric weight? If so, the weight is probably made of steel, and you could detect it's revolu
Hello everyone, I am having real trouble figuring out what to knowledge on circuit diagram reading and functionality is very very limited, but i have been working reallll hard to learn all i can...I am trying to put LEDs in my instrument cluster in my car, only on the tachometer. I want to use bi-color LEDs that light up, but when the
1.What would be the possible sensor/device that could be used to detect the wheel's alteration in position? How can the input of the wheel's movement be caught with the device inside the seat? You can sense the rotation of the wheel by putting a small magnes on the wheel and a Hall effect sensor on the frame. tachometer in the b
help me in speed control of dc motor along with tachometer circuit
Hai Anybody Got Experienced with LM2917 as tachometer.. DataSheet Seems to be very Poor... and i want to use 14 pin LM2197 (pulsed DC input)... if anybody has experience in this, please share circuit diagram for 14 pin LM2917....
Hi every body ! i have a project with 8051 . I want to design a tachometer . Many people use pic or avr but with me , i'm a newbie so i start learning MC with 89s52 and use assembly for programing . Program button and lcd is so so ! But i have trouble with counter in 8051 . Please show me how to count pulses in 1s -> pulses in 60s