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IS there some designer in switching power supplies, who has taken the course from the Dr. Ridley..?? Is this good..?? Is enough the time to see all the information..?? Thanks...:?:
Hi i think you could use the serial port to acomplish that task. You can configure the serial port baud rate to have 115200 bps, and if you plan to send blocks of 8 bits then you would have plenty of time, but it will depend of course in the other part of the logic. Sometimes the conversion process take a long time comparing to other stuff. So depe
hi all i am going to start my project on high voltage cmos devices.can anyone help me what extra precautions should i take care in layout
Hi, I'm in my 3rd year at university studying Electronics Engineering. I'm also planning to do a Physics Minor and I already took the course Semiconductor Physics. So this semester Optoelectronics course is offered, but I have doubts whether I should really take it, since there will be an overload of courses for me if I do (...)
i think you are using a pickit (or ICD) to 'program' the PIC, also you power the PIC from the pickit!!! so when you take out the pickit, of course the circuit will not work... if your circuit has it's own power supply. mostly it's because you leaved the MCLR pin disconnected... the pickit and any good programmer has the MCLR on high state tr
911EDA is pleased to announce that our next Altium Designer Training course has been scheduled for July 19 - 22. Our class is designed to take students through a project from beginning to end. Our goal is to make participants comfortable working on a real project when they return to work. We don't talk about Altium features, we teach you how t
Joannes has answered. Yes it can be done in Matlab. But in which language were you looking to implement it? In matlab use can take a hint from this: reshape(data,4,length(data)/4) make sure length(data)/4 is an integer (by padding zeros if it is not) Added after 1 minutes: I hope I understood your
Hi, You will need to use the marking layer "PSUB" to define two different substrates. you will use this layer to surround only one ground e.g. Dgnd. But you have to know that is only marking layer to pass LVS, But if you are working on A product you must take care of Substrate noise Isolation Techniques.
Is easy to do yourself man. Anyway, is it only you or it is a group who wants to take that course? -- Amr Ali
download it and take a look!!
Hi, take a look at audio chips from APlus company from Taiwan.
I'm not using it but this info I can give you. 1.The software is not user friendly like other electromagnetic software. You have to take course in the company. 2. The GRASP9 software is the tool for analysing general reflector antennas and antenna farms. The package is a general tool to handle single, dual and multi-reflector configurations (
iam studing comunication and want to know what are the courses must i take (in sumer)to be a good engineer thank you.
hi, i am B.E 2008 (Electronics and communication) with 1yr experienced in Tech-support field. Can anybody suggest me how to switch over to software field. which course is good (software testing/Telecom testing) to join in Bangalore help me A>S
The Coregen Outputs a top module verilog file for u r core. U can take that and simulate. Inside the top module they will have lot of instantiations which also should be included in the project directory. You can get those libraries in the Xilinx Folder.
Does anyone know how to estimate-evaluate VDS(sat)? For short-channel devices, VDS(sat)≠VGS-Vth. How can I estimate VDS(sat) using Gm/IDS approach and ADS simulator? take a look at site especially page at page (8 of 21). Acco
Reversing currents also reverse (to some, less than total, extent) the material drift caused by the electron "wind". Unidirectional steady state is the worst case. If you can take advantage of duty cycle factoring or an AC EM rule then of course you would do so, provided that you have the reliability data to support said rules. Even bidi
I guess you need to take care of contact size. if DRC requires contact size to be bigger than 0.18um, you cannot use minimum length. of course contact is large than lmin but you never place contact over gate you extend gate beyond active and add m1poly contact
Hi, I have an opportunity to take an 'intensive' introductory course in Perl : 'Perl Programming I' offered by the University of Calif., Santa Cruz Extension. This course is taught over three full days of instruction/lab by the author of the text : 'Perl by example, 4th ed.' by Ellie Quigley. Does anyone know how worthwhile this (...)
Hi footprintz Think you first need to take a course in cardiac resuscitation before doing anymore work on that circuit.. !