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Capacitors require good and solid connections for a proper measurement. Use crocodile clips and wait for the result; it might take a minute to measure high value electrolytes. Check the meter manual for maximum possible value or you might have to wait forever! :D
I have written a lightweight rtos for Pic24 and posted it on eda board here. It has full source code and documentation plus examples. take a look, maybe you can base your system on the code.
why planar transformer for 1W ??? they are suitable for hundereds of watts, where the space is a big issue, required efficiency is high, and reliability. take a look at paytongoup. they have some application notes:
take a look at the following link.
Please try not re-invent the wheel. take a look of the PICKit2, Microchip opened its source code and schematic, you can learn many staff and modify to your need. I have enhanced schematic in this web like: By the way, the programmer-to-go feature is very neat.
help with circuits .... power supply .... references etc. Sounds like you should take a course in school. Generally forums will help with a specific problem but you need to give us something to work on.
Hi, I need to take this course, My background on control systems is weak, Do you suggest I postpone taking this course till I revise my control systems? Thanks.
I cannot see your image but if its a switched capacitor amplifier, try the periodic steady state analysis to get the periodic operating point, and then do a periodic noise analysis. This is of course only possible if you have spectre RF. Or else, take both the on and off states and do a noise analysis on each state using a regular SPICE simulation
Hi everyone, I'm using Xilinx System Generator, and the situation is: I'm transmitting a bunch of symbols from a constellation (say 256-QAM), and in the receiver the symbols are , of course, noisy. To take a decision on the transmitted symbols, I've no better idea that comparing one by one with the original constellation symbols, and keeping
I'm looking for ideas for a project for my final year research project. One other guy and me are in a group, and we are looking for ideas on a project that will take 1 year to complete. We'll be doing this at the same time as other uni courses, but basically we require something of sufficient complexity. It should involve microcontroll
Can anyone send me the list of vlsi companies which are working on Full custom Design that is Designing standard cells....Will they take for freshers or who has done a training course in particular tool like Virtuso layout editor... Help me Please Bye
If you take a perfect antenna (eff=100% and Zin=50) and integrate the gain pattern over 4*PI sr you should get 0 dB. Of course you won't get 0 dB with a real antenna so whats left is the inefficiency and mismatch loss. Maybe that's what the average gain tells you? Just a guess.
take a (n,k) binary code. Of the 2^n possible combinations, only 2^k are valid codewords. So bigger the n, the further spread out your codewords can be, in the set of all 2^n possibilities. And the more dissimilar your codewords are, the better your error correction performance will be. So increasing n increases the coding gain (of course, code has
i think u better take some course at school or ask ur teacher, TA and ur simulation tool
I would not waste time with a breadboard... take a solder station and full copper board (or one with holes). Expecially if you are going to build some high speed/high frequency/low noise circuit it will not work with breadboard.
Just thought I'd pop in and say hi! I want to take up electronics as a hobby and I'm currently working through a book called "A first course in electronics". I am very eager to learn, so you can expect some pretty simple questions from me at first! :P Cheers!
hi every one I'm a fresh graduate my project was a VHDL digital design. I'm intrested in that field and I want to build up my career in it. can you help me guys with information about... -what to do? -names of companies? -what course i take? -addreses..... and so on. thanks for all.
Of course you can use a router with only one IP address. The router wil take that address and translate to internal address using NAT for every PC connected to it. It is commonly known. I am writing from a home network just doing that.
Hey rajakash, Unsigned is internally treated like a number, and, of course, unsigned, range 0 to 255. std_logic_vector, is a vector, and you can assign, for example, a donīt care ('X') a tri-state ('Z'), and take one bit indepenently, for example, if you want the 4 bit, you can assign: test_vector <= test(4) --test_vector receives the 4th bit. any
Looking for Intership I take immense pleasure in introducing myself as a candidate Secured 77 % in 1st Year during second year course (from Sept2007/ August 2008). As per academic curriculum, to pursue intership/ project in industry. Awaiting with Anitcipation