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Hi snkhan, This is exactly what CST does best (in my opinion of course), which is wideband antenna simulations. The basic steps you need to take are: 1. Build the antenna & excitation port model 2. Set the desirable units, background & frequency range. 3. Set Open (add space) Boundary conditions. 4. Appropriate meshing. 5. Set all the far-
Many coleges such as MIT have their whole course work set up where you can essentially take a class for free, if you look around hard enough you should be able to find what you are looking for.
Hi, take first one, and connect to the second :) Of course I'm joking.. The simplest method is to establish serial connection between them. You need a null modem cable only and serial (or called COM) port on both PC. Nothing more.. And necessary software. Ready made or written by yourself. If you write more details (why do you need conn
Does anybody know any good short courses of RF circuit design for this summer in US? I would like to take some courses. Thanks,
When referring to a micro the number of bits specifies the length of the word the micro can process in a single operation. An 8-bit micro can only work on 8-bit quantities, for example. Of course, multibyte operations are possible, but they take more than one operation.
take some berkeley's online course like EE140, you will learn a lot.
Of course you can use RS-485 .. take a look at this simple RS-232-to-RS485 converter (without any need for the direction control): Just remember that each and every microcontroller must have unique address and that's all .. Regards, IanP
Hi, I am an electrical engineering student. I've planed to take Control System courses in my 3rd and 4th years. Can anyone tell me how the market is for people who study Control System. And how is its future? Thanks
of course u can make one layer routing by selecting (" Auto") then making the top layer =N/A, bottom=*, if u wish to use a double layer u must buy a double layer board ( sometimes not available) and take care when drilling , i advice one layer to avoid doubling the problems!!!! good luck
JOIN CDAC or vedant or vEDA-IIT in HYDERABAD All these have a very good reputation. Else where you simply get robbed. take a good decision :D
hi i want to know which electronic course is suitable while doing engg and can it added advantage in geeting job To be honest, your best bet is to take a course in English. I'm not joking around, but for foreigners, those with ESOL, it should be their first priority.
can anyone post an example along with the test bench.......using TASK Thanks a lot........ take a look at I2C example from , it has this task based TB. And FYI - I offer a course on "Comprehensive Functional Verification" that talks in detail about various TB styles, task based bein
alsalamo 3aleko Hi all; i also wanna learn c or c++ for embedded systems i tried to take course in microcontroller & c but i can't find any class starts these days so i have to wait long time any1 know course will start soon in cairo, Regards.
Please to take a look at Maxim-Dallas App Note 3266 Using the DS80C400/TINIm400 for Remote Audio
take a look here Of course you have to know the parameters of your motor, for example, * moment of inertia of the rotor (J) = 0.01 kg.m^2/s^2 * damping ratio of the mechanical system (b) = 0.1 Nms * electromotive force constant (K=Ke=Kt) = 0.01 Nm/Amp * electric resistance
Usually, as instruments have single end input, you should convert diff to single end by using a balun, tuned in the correct freq band. Then power can be injected into an instrument, such a spectrum analyzer. Of course you have to add balun losses to your measurement. take care of the impedance seen by your circuit. For example, being input impeda
Depends on the bandwidth of te analog signal of course. One possibility would be to take a high-speed ADC and an analog multiplexer to switch the ADC input to the different channels.
If you want the easy way, take the OHS9001 usb host and make the soft to drive directly from the FPGA. Another way is to download the Steve Fielding USB 1.1 Opencore, compatible with USB1T11A / USB1T20A Transceiver... there are examples of the core Of course, it could be implemented by your own writting your code. But it will take (...)
Where can I take a well-known training course on microcontrollers (8051, pic, avr, arm...) that may lead me to get a job as a hardware designer? (in Europe) If you want to study yourself, there're a number of course notes of embedded system design over the internet, just googling. I dont know about european labor market
You can take it as a bridge which connects two different interfaces! Of course, the concept of bridge doesn't just connect two different interfaces, e.g. PCI bridge. A wrapper is sometimes just to refer to one smaller block used to connect the current inferface to the new interface so that these two different interfaces can be commnunicated now!