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Hi everyone. Is it possible to simulate skin effect and proximity effect in Ansys Maxwell ?If so give some suggestions if possible. Or does it automatically take into account while simulating at high frequency ?
Hi all, Hopefully I'm not posting this in the wrong location. My employer allows me to take one week-long course each year in a USA location of my choice, so long as it's related to electronics engineering/ design, preferably RF. I've gone to California for classes the last couple of years, and I'd like to switch it up and visit Colorado t
... so your 8 fingers 40/0.18 fet will take around 8 x 4 um^2 ... 8 x 5 (?m)2 of course. Better take a calculator, Dominik! ;-) SCNR. No harm meant!
can you post the Power Control PWM module intialization it could contain the problem? Also take care of fault signals although PROTEUS may not take them in action.
Hi ALL, I am a field service engineer by profession and i want to do some certification course which is standardized, reputed and accredited by international standards. It would be really helpful if someone can guide me on this. I would like to know what kind of training and calibration techniques i should take up so that it can help me in futur
Very thin oxides allow, and can take, more tunneling current away from the antenna source. Thick oxides may just charge until destructive breakdown. Of course this all depends on just what you mean by "thin" and "thick"... I've worked in technologies where the "thin" ox was 1kA and ones where the "thick" was 90A or so. It seems to me that per
take a look at
take my advice, do not copy a CV. Design a one on your own and refer the web, there are so many samples out there.
yeah, take any free online course in communications dsp. study for a change
IMO the prerequisite is to know more about your circuit and to take a course on PI or obtain some books on the subject. A few comments on a forum are not going to get you far.
I'm not aware of any general rule of thumb. More practically, it comes down to tuning it for the circuit and design constraints at hand. Of course, the most efficient dead time is zero, but the closer you get to zero the greater the likelihood of shoot-through. Typically shoot-through is extremely undesirable, so we take a conservative approach. H
Wait a minute. You are a complete newcomer to this field, but you expect to answer advanced questions? You want "tricks"? Maybe you should take a course or something.
i much more interested in robotics. now i am studying electronics and communication engineering , which course should i take after my degree?? :sad:
I don't know where this would fit in on the forum so I put it here for now unless someone moves it to a proper location. I'm going around on the internet trying to find out about this field and to complete an application form needed to take the course. I need three employers to complete the question below. All I need is three. My name is Joh
Best buy development board, take examples, compilers, and start learning and experimenting. Development boards can offer support for various uC and not for just one model. Of course there is small and cheap development boards with support of one chip model, but with reduced capabilities compared with big development boards which have LCD, LEDs, I/
Will this also take care of any "spikes comming from turning on the lights - which the battery also i providing power to? There might be a very small time during which there will be a current surge due to turning on the lights. Of course, this isn't really a surge. It's just current increasing from a lower level
Thank you Goldsmith can you kindly post an example circuit so that I can study it in detail. regards ani Hi Ani Of course . take a look here please : As you can see base of a Darlington pair has b
I was tryed this product and works fine. UART communication, there is also TTL and RS232 version, can take up to 640x480 resolution
hello , For my course work i have to select one course among digital communication networks and speech signal processing but i am very confused which one to take. AS my final year project/ thesis will depend on the courses taken in this semester. So please help me out. Speech Signal Processing is a good choice
Simple answer: use a math library (include math.h) Slightly longer answer: If the numbers are integers, just see how many times the denominator fits into the numerator (simple loop count). It will take a while to execute of course... You could take short-cuts if your time is a power of 2 (2^1, 2^2, 2^3..) then you could just do a bit-shift (...)
I'm trying to find the resonate frequency of a number of folded dipoles on a boom using HFSS. I can of course take a rough guess based on the dimensions of the dipole. I would then set that as the solution frequency, and let HFSS work it out more precisely. However, I want to cover a range of dipoles from 0.3 m to 4 m. Is there any way I can us
All three members who have posted replies to this thread need to tone down the inflammatory rhetoric, otherwise I will take appropriate action. The forum is a place to carry on a civilized discussion, while treating all other members with respect, even if you disagree with their opinions. Besides the purpose of this section is for posts relating
set all the paramters that are fixed (Er, height), then adjust the width to get the Zo you know. If you first attempt has Zo of say 40 Ohms, and you want 60, then of course you know you need to adjust reduce the width to increase Zo. It should take you no more than a minute to do this. You don't even need to iter
Hi as a part of my course work I am conducting a (short) survey of flows and methodologies used in ASIC/FPGA industry. I would request the veterans of the industry to take the survey. While I cannot promise an Iphone or an IPAD to the first 10 res
When programming uC use Protection or Code Protection option/fuse. When you read uC will show only OO or FF in location of code. But.... everything is possible in China & Russia. There is companies which hack uC and read firmware with very sofisticated equipment, of course for money. take a deep breath and open this page : www.break-ic.
Is this not the same as your question here? Anyway, of course you need to do something to make the PC take your serial data as keyboard input. Windows doesn't natively support a serial keyboard. The best idea was the one I already gave you. You could also write a VB (or whatever langu
Can you take any Labs in School ? They should all give you some hands on experience. I think most schools require Lab course work for graduation. Well you can always go search for a crystal radio kits or general electronics kit and toy around with those. Good luck
MEAD is the resource most used by RFICs companies to train their newcomers. I've been there, in Lausanne, many years ago and it was a good experience for me. You should carefully take a look at the course offer, there are a lot. I met many people from different companies, mostly competitors, and from Universities. I strongly suggest it, there is
911EDA is offering special pricing to both our Facebook friends and edaboard members for our online Altium Designer Training course scheduled for December 12-15. We are offering a 15% discount on this comprehensive, live, fully interactive training course! take a look at our website for more information about this training at [url=www.91
Hello All, Linux System/Kernel programming knowledge is in high demand since a lot of new programmable hardware running Linux is being invented every day. This cost effective training will take your from a beginner to expert. The training is totally hands on, interactive and instructor led. It is not youtube video based learning. Traini
you can apply for internships in bahgat, mentor graphics or other companies. Or you can take a course in centers like Jelecom or the National Institute of Telecommunications (NTI).
Of course it is right. But look sharp. The respective part is about high Q signal inductors and transformers, not power inductors. Litz wire is strongly suggested to achieve highest Q. Litz wire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Also high frequency power magnetic components take advantage from litz w
Hi, formulas (4)-(5)-(6) gives you the procedure to obtain the coefficients of the FIR filter you need. You must take into account that array indexes in Matlab start from 1 instead of 0 like in the formulas. Matlab has built-in Gamma and Bessel functions, as well as Hamming window. You must have fd, ts and M. And, of course, you must have some kno
hi 1. there are many company out there use FPGAs 2. im not sure but i think u can use C/C++..see NIOS II Altera document. and of course you must know VHDL and Verilog if you gonna take serious in FPGA.. :) 3. you can start by looking at these links WELCOME TO WORLD OF ASIC FPGA C
You can take a look at a few tutorials, maybe they can help The Design of Band-Gap Reference Circuits: Trials and Tribulations
Hi,i am new to pcb design and interested in doing FPGA design so can any one tell me the scope of design in market and what are the steps should be taken to start learning it,is any course on FPGA is required to take,please reply me.......advance thanks regards prathi
Hi please help me how can I get the Tools for Static Timing Analysis primetime, I want it's software. if One can take it to me??!! please help me, I want it for my course (project) I want to measure the delay of Dadda multiplier hspice program Thanks
I am looking for good TCL scripting training institute in India for taking a short term course(max 10 days). Presently i am doing PG in VLSI design and am located in Pune and would be willing to take the course anywhere in India, provided the cost is affordable and course is good. Please Advice me and if you know any (...)
Not necessary to use unit size caps! take square caps with the min. cap value you need. For high accuracy, use dummies around (not necessarily with the same width), and try to keep the routing as equal and symmetrical as possible, of course!
take a look at /arch/arm/mach-s3c2410 directory of your embedded linux source tree. You'll see bsp of some boards (mach-xxx.c) which uses S3C2410. Inspect and try to revise one of them. It's easier than building a bsp from ground up.
IS there some designer in switching power supplies, who has taken the course from the Dr. Ridley..?? Is this good..?? Is enough the time to see all the information..?? Thanks...:?:
Hi i think you could use the serial port to acomplish that task. You can configure the serial port baud rate to have 115200 bps, and if you plan to send blocks of 8 bits then you would have plenty of time, but it will depend of course in the other part of the logic. Sometimes the conversion process take a long time comparing to other stuff. So depe
hi all i am going to start my project on high voltage cmos devices.can anyone help me what extra precautions should i take care in layout
Hi, I'm in my 3rd year at university studying Electronics Engineering. I'm also planning to do a Physics Minor and I already took the course Semiconductor Physics. So this semester Optoelectronics course is offered, but I have doubts whether I should really take it, since there will be an overload of courses for me if I do (...)
i think you are using a pickit (or ICD) to 'program' the PIC, also you power the PIC from the pickit!!! so when you take out the pickit, of course the circuit will not work... if your circuit has it's own power supply. mostly it's because you leaved the MCLR pin disconnected... the pickit and any good programmer has the MCLR on high state tr
911EDA is pleased to announce that our next Altium Designer Training course has been scheduled for July 19 - 22. Our class is designed to take students through a project from beginning to end. Our goal is to make participants comfortable working on a real project when they return to work. We don't talk about Altium features, we teach you how t
Joannes has answered. Yes it can be done in Matlab. But in which language were you looking to implement it? In matlab use can take a hint from this: reshape(data,4,length(data)/4) make sure length(data)/4 is an integer (by padding zeros if it is not) Added after 1 minutes: I hope I understood your
Hi, You will need to use the marking layer "PSUB" to define two different substrates. you will use this layer to surround only one ground e.g. Dgnd. But you have to know that is only marking layer to pass LVS, But if you are working on A product you must take care of Substrate noise Isolation Techniques.
Is easy to do yourself man. Anyway, is it only you or it is a group who wants to take that course? -- Amr Ali
download it and take a look!!