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Do you know if there is any kit or board modules in the hobby market to put together a pocket transceiver around 100 KHz ? Voice modulation, range does not need to be greater than 100 m. Sort of a walkie talkie. Its antenna needs is not of concern.
Hi friends, We meet one case about avarage usable sensitivity issue.Our unit(walkie talkie PMR446MHz) conduct measure sensitivity is -121dBm@12dB,and outdoor field test range is 3.2Km in all directions(8 directions,45 degree/direction),but when we sent to lab for test,the result(radiation measurement) fail.we have ever suspected our unit cause th
Hi all What kind of modulation is main stream with walkie talkies ? Is it AM, FM or SSB ? Elico
Hi all How the output power of a simple walkie talkie is measured ? I have to make sure that it does not transmits more then 1/w watt . It is a 3 transistors circuit 49mhz, 9 volts operated walkie talkie Thanks Elico
What is your data rate? What is your regulatory posture? Radios like FRS or old CB can easily run over 1km, a simple audio modulation (like pipe an antique 1200/2400 phone handset modem into the walkie-talkie, and back the other way on the other end) could get you done. But these bands are not for digital comms and over the long haul you might ge
Hi, I am using dimmer module, which controls 4 x 5A output. Working with the processor of Atmega16A. Communication between interface(switches) and the dimmer module is 250,000bps baudrate RS485 protocol. When i bring the walkie-talkie nearby the dimmer module the module's display goes OFF and re-starts again. What is the reason behind that
i have seen many circiuts for walkie talkie. is the circuit i have selected and attached below correct? should i go for it? because i dont have time for trying and is just a mini project of mine. it need not be of very high range 110939 i have taken this circuit from here homemadecircuitsandschematics.b
Audio amp or RF amp or.....? How much output power? Into what load impedance? Can you be a bit more specific than "very small input signal". want to use it for boosting my walkie-talkie range Audio amp or RF amp or.....?=what is an rf amp? How much output power=Doesn't matters too much, just so i have a r
Are there wires/cables already in place? Such as a phone line, internet line. You could send commands over that. It would require extra equipment. Or there is wireless communication. There are walkie-talkie systems that use public radio bands. 6km might be within reach. I suppose you would create transmit coded commands in the audio range. Then yo
guys, I need an assistance... stucked in here... well, I have a radio shack headset+mic. I have modified it to work with my Radios... the first thing i did is i added a DIN5 connector... then I intended it to be used with a kenwood uhf walkie talkie... the pinouts are fine... perfect and correct... I made the exact companion for the DIN5 con
Hi everyone, I need some help to describing walkie talkie circuit diagram. I know where is the oscillator, antenna, one or two filters... But some components I don't know theirs functions. For instance: In the transmitter. We have C4 and R4 in parallel. Is a filter or not ? transmitter:
I have a simple 2-way radio kit (walkie talkie) & I would like to build a circuit to disrupt the communication. My father is going to get a kick out of it:smile: I state "disrupt" because I'm sure there are a number of things I can do to the carrier wave. In the future, I would like to be able to have an AUX input, so I could play music over the
Hello Everyone, I am planning to work on a simple walkie talkie and I am planning to use a RF module with 5 channels. I am going to control it via PIC microcontroller. Anyone knows a RF transmitter/receiver module wherein change in channel can be controlled using MCU? Looking forward of your help guys, Regards, Jay
Hi all, Is it possible to transmit voice data through the 433/315 Mhz RF modules. I am trying to make a walkie talkie using this modules. I only need a range of 250 metres.Can power the tx with 12 v. I am seeking advice from you all.
There are wireless headsets which receive a radio broadcast from a central transmitter. Such headsets are marketed for use with PA systems. They are handed out to hard-of-hearing people in the audience. If you want two-way conversations there are inexpensive walkie-talkie systems that are worn on the head, with attached mic. These require that yo
looking for a long range wireless (walkie-talkie) circuit. Can somebody help me ?
There are family radio intercoms (walkie-talkie), which can be set for different channels. I believe the channel setting is remembered when power is off. This may or may not be the type of thing you're looking for.
Hi all, Basically, I designed the circuit which using a chemical sensor to detect harmful gas. The circuit is working fine. However, when I use walkie talkie to simulate RFI and test the circuit response, it has big problem. When the walkie talkie is toggled (on/off), the sensor output shoot up quite a bit (like increase (...)
Do you mean how to increase transmitter strength? Doing so may exceed the specs/regulations which apply to the device. It will help if you are at a high altitude when broadcasting. Also if you are outdoors, away from structures, trees, metal walls, etc. It may be possible to figure out how to make a better antenna than the walkie-talkie alrea
Hello, I want to connect a walkie talkie to my intercom master station so i be able to use it from a distance. For example when someone call to the master station ,the signals to go to the walkie talkie and to be able to talk to the intercom through the PTT walkie talkie. My idea was to (...)