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Hi the mhp_n05.tdb is a basic tanner database file to make different layers for layouts in Ledit.I have another library (cub.tdb) that has different layers from mhp_n05.tdb. I don't have extract file for cub.tdb,so I want to change mhp_n05.ext to know cub.tdb layers,but I don't know exactly which layers are equal in these libraries. some layers
Hi I have an old tdb file(cub.tdb) to create Layout from tpr in tanner Ledit. I made Layout with this library but I don't have it's extraction file to extract spice netlist. If you have this file or you know a website to download it,please introduce it. Thanks
Hi Everybody i am working on tanner L-Edit using calibre Files i include calibre technology file and DRC file in to L-Edit and there is no problem but know i need to export the netlist using extract files that defines the devices Here is the calibre device definition : /////////////// /// nch_lv1 /// /////////////// nch_lv1_s1 = ((
I need to design a capacitor using tanner EDA tool L-edit. I am trying to design poly-poly capacitor,but there is only one poly layer available in the tool. If we made another poly layer it is not recognised as poly layer. Please reply how we can design capacitor and extract it .
Salaam dear Subir Excuse me for delay in reply. I think you should by .25 micron technology and it is not included in tanner in advance. I searched again in tanner but i only found 0.25 library which related to transistors and other paramaters of technologies and it involved by T-Spice. Excuse me that i could not help you. But can i ask you a
L-edit is the layout tool. Do you have a schematic? T-spice is run from a netlist created by S-edit. If you want to do a post-layout simulation you need to 'extract' the netlist from the layout. You need to read the the layout manual for details of netlist extraction and post-layout simulation. I cannot help much as I have only ever used trial v
I have worked on tanner tools v13.14 for a few weeks, I downloaded tanner v13.0 on my pc but the extract isnt working. It says it cant run on Hyper verify. does anyone know how to go around it?
This is an extract file of transistor NMOS when we have only one substrate ,it is inside deep n well : ***********************extract file****************************** device = MOSFET( RLAYER=ntran; Drain=ndiff, AREA, PERIMETER; Gate=poly wire; Source=ndiff, AREA, PERIMETER;
Hello everyone, My tool is L-Edit tanner when i design a current mirror (FILE 1) with two N_MOS .The second step is to extract file and this is what i have : *********************extract FILE1.spc********************************* Cpar1 gnd 0 C=1.9587458f Cpar2 IN 0 C=1.0200735f Cpar3 OUT 0 C=5.3069634E-016 M1 gnd IN OUT gnd NMOS (...)
tanner v13 support 3D layout extract .. but SPR still use EDIF no verilog netlist input Place& routing
is it possible to extract the layout of the circuit from the schematics using tanner eda tool. can anyone suggest if any other software available for the same
Hi all, I was working on a cell design in tanner where in my verification command files are all Calibre decks. I have a calibre drc rule deck and a calibre LVS rule deck. Now the problem is I need to do a LVS and I don't know how I can use the calibre LVS deck to extract a layout netlist. How can i get a ".ext" file for my TSMC 0.18u can I
Below is the sample circuit to analyze s-paramater using tanner Tools. tanner Tools don't have the capabilty to analyze S-parameter! Therefore, we need to create a circuit that is capable to extract the S-parameter component, S11,S12,S21 and S22! My question is, why do we need 'K' in the circuit? Is there any other easier techniques (...)
What is the use of LVS in tanner ? thanks !
THe tanner Ledit P&R tools are only suitable for small design 1K~10K. Since it only have very limited feature, it have no delay caluation, no RC extraction, limited routing layer and etc.