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Hi, In substrate wave guide (SIW) transitions, Conventional Microstrip to SIW tapered transition is used widely. 1. What is the role of TAPER structure here? 2. What is the impact of taper length ? 3. Which parameter of this tapered transition does Impedance matching ? plz explain in detail. 4. Which parameter of this (...)
Has anyone done an tapered line impedance transformer that had curves or optimal mitered bends? I'm designing a Wilkinson divider and need to turn the straight/tapered 1/4 wave transformers lines into loops to reduce space. I split my tapered line impedance transformer into 3 pieces and put mitered bends between the pieces. I'm confused (...)
Hello, I need some help with GSG pad design . We all want to design it as a 50 ohm impedance line but once the line is tapered obviously the impedance is changed. How can one determine that whats the impedance in the taper section and after that because the ports at the input would give the impedance of the structure before any discontinuity?
can any one help me to find this paper: H. V. Nguyen and C. Caloz, "Broadband highly selective bandpass filter based on a tapered coupled-resonator (TCR) CRLH structure," Special issue Microwave Metamaterials: Theory, Fabrication and Applications, Proc. of the European Microwave Association, J. Eur. Microwave Association, vol. 2, pp. 44-51,
This kind of structure (just as the attachment shows) is very interesting, but I wonder, how to simulate this with ADS (harmonic balance). In other words, how to dispose the tapered finline loaded with the diodes. Is there any tutorial for me ? thank you!
Hi All, Have you ever tried to create kind of tapered structure or structure with specific shape based on a function like cos, sin or hamming function on Tanner L-Edit. I've been trying to find such information on tanner user manual but couldn't get anything. Or perhaps, some of you know other soft beside tanner l-edit in which I can (...)
Hello guys. I need as soon as possible some help on how to simulate at ADS a tapered CPW line. I found the option of tapered microstrip line but not for CPW. Any idea? Please its so importan for my project and I have stuck :(
I have seen Vivaldi antennas constructed using various structures. 1) A slot cut into a sheet, sometimes supported with a sheet of dielectric creating a coplanar structure. 2) Mirrored conductors on opposite sides of a dielectric sheet (I believe this is referred to as "antipodal"). If the dielectric sheet was transparent the exponenti
Have you ever tried to design such structure starting from your proposal? If yes, which were the results? Have you ever tried a tapered solution? Thank's
Hi All; is it possible to simulate a layred structure in femlab 2.3?, actually I wanna simulate a tapered slot antenna ie: slots of different shapes in the buttom metallic layer, a dielectric substrate and microstrips of different shapes in the top metallic layer. thanx. aze.
We just finished a work simulating 2D structures (tapered lines) that had curved outlines. We discovered that hfss's results were very good compared to simulation time used. We also tried EMSight (Microwave Office). This tool was NOT better NOR faster than HFSS!!! This was because it is based on the MoM and it was only capable of using rectanqular
Hello all, How do you draw a tetrahedron in HFSS ? or for that matter a tapered structure ( like the flare of a rectangular horn ) in HFSS ? Thanks for your time. -svarun