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Hi I've Connected the SIM900 to PC and I'm Sending & Receiving codes by "terminals" tool in CodeVison avr. I want to send Email from sim900 to one of my E-mail accounts. In the last step of sending E-mail , after sending the code "At+SMPTPSEND" to SIM900, It gives me the Error 64. (Timeout of SMTP server respond) and when I use the P
Small Web Server ATMega644 HTTP/tcp with an atmega88 microcontroller (avr web server) How-To: Web server on a business card
Your actual question seems to be how to implement Ethernet and tcp/IP. Once you have Ethernet, you can implement modbus or any other protocol on top of tcp/IP. What is modbus tcp/IP criteria? There is no 'criteria' to make tcp/IP suitable for modbus. tcp/IP is a standard that doesn't change for the (...)
please tell me about Timer calculation in avr microcontroller and tcp/IP communication Two entirely different things, you should open separate posts. Anyways, about timer calculation, it is described in every avr datasheet, 30 pages or so for each timer. The question is too general, there are a lot of mod
Hi All, I have been assign a task to Interface Microcontroller with SIMCOM GSM/GPRS module. The microcontroller will receive the data serially from this SIMCOM module. Now, this received data to be transferred through GPRS using tcp/IP stack of microcontroller. Now I have option to choose either a PIC or avr microcontroller. Can anyone please
hi forum i want to create communication between micro avr and computer by tcp/ip protocol.plz hep me i should use special ic? :cry:
Hi! perhaps someone can help me, I'm trying to send SMS with very simple program, it's like "hello world" program. I am working with ATMega16 interfaced with Ultimo 24+tcp GSM modem. I made the following program on my own (to be honest I am worst in coding), the coding built in Pascal Language. I tried the code but it doesn't work for me, can you
Well, you know if you want to plug this system to the ethernet, you should implement tcp/ip protocol in your system.Of course mcu can implement this protocol, like using uip or lwip, but this will spend a lot execute capacity of mcu. For cheap, you can choose avr or 51 or pic mcu in right speed and flash. And i think cortex-m3 may be better excep
Hi all, I have implemented tcp/IP by Winavr compiler on an avr ATmega32 by C language, using an ENC28J60 ethernet adapter. I have also written an html code for a test page so a browser on a computer on the other side of the network can see the test page. I am using PORTA as output and PORTD as input. I need to know how can I control (...)
is it suitable to implement tcp/ip on avr micro controllers? if is there any better options , please let me know. regards, m
hi for tcp/ip with avr u can use RTL8019AS
tcp/IP application is very popular in the net. Try to search it.
Try ENC28J60, it can be interfaced with MCU with SPI. Microchip provides the tcp/IP Stack for free, Web pages can be stored in EEPROM using MPFS from Microchip.
why can't you go for simple parallel port,serial port interfacing. If you want to use ethernet port interfacing with computer, it is a tough task. I had done it earlier with RTL8019AS,for that you had to implement tcp/IP stack on avr which is complicated. If you want to use open source, search 'uip' in google, then you will get help, if you don't
nice example.. and if use avr, just edit some part of it it is also including the uIP tcp/IP stack. u can start develop the application sooner
hi all, i have GSM/GPRS modem with built in tcp/IP Stack and using ATmega64 avr microcontroller i need to transfer data from datalogger to server i need to know from where i can get a server to connect with is there any server that can comm with thanks for any body want's to help Fire In The Wire
You have to understand that UIP provides a simple tcp/IP connection just like any other tcp/IP stack. When a client opens a socket on the server, it can send any data it likes. The server can be programmed to respond to commands in packets from client and in turn switch any I/O ports.
There is something called the ETHERNUT project which has implemented something close to your project, but with avr ATMEGA uC, chech it out over the internet, it has the tcp/IP and the web server implemented in C.
Hello mcs51, take a look at Adam Dunkels uip tcp/IP Stack, there is also a port with ppp. But to be honest I do not belelieve it will fit in a 4K 8051! You can also look here: hope this helps
WizNet on a 8051: Not on a 8051 but on a avr ATmega161 can be found at Look for Easy tcp/IP If you also want to have some info on a P89C668 with a RTL8019AS check my homepage at Have fun Ben Zijlstra