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Hi I am using android mobile application with RN171 for controlling embedded device. When I send command to the embedded device I open tcp socket with RN171 and send the command then the embedded device reply with Ack. My problem is that opening tcp Socket takes long time, so it's not comfortable for user. I decided to use udp (...)
Usually in a networking system there will be layers above Ethernet of standard protocols like IP, and further above udp, tcp and even higher than that DNS, DHCP, Telnet, HTTP e.t.c. Is there any application where only the Ethernet layer is sufficient and no standard IP layer or otherwise is used above it?
udp and tcp are both used on top of IP which rests on Ethernet. How does one know which is needed? They both ultimately send and recieve data in packets.
Using enc28j60, you have to implement the tcp/IP stack in software, thus there are no specific registers for IP addresses. They have to be inserted at specific locations of the IP and tcpIP or udp frames. The chip has registers to set it's unique MAC address. A possible way is to use the Microchip tcpIP library for your (...)
Hello Everybody, if FPGA (udp with static ARP) is connected with LAN cable to PC, is there still any possibility of packet loss/packet exchange in transmission/reception? if yes, then how much percentage of loss we can except? I would like to be sure because udp theory say, there might be packet loss/packet exchange especially if transmitted v
Do you want to send data via SMS or tcp/udp? If it is SMS then you need to use PDU encoding if via tcp/udp then you need to use "Fixed Length Sending" as follows: Use the AT+CIPSEND= command, the data is automatically sent when the number of bytes to send is equal to the length value. There will be no > prompt
Hi All, I have done ARP and udp protocol in genesys virtex 5 kit. For the ARP request I'm getting reply from the PC. In tcp protocol, I din't get the ACK from the PC. I have tried the both ways Receive and Transmit, But PC din't respond. How to solve this problem? My question is How to get an ACK from the PC for tcp protocol. You (...)
ask your question more specifically. define your network, board, your protocol stack(physical, data link, ip,tcp). generally if you use static IP there is no need for implementing DHCP client.
there are many posts on using GSM modem to send/receive both SMS texts and tcp/udp packets do a forum search on GSM modem
Well can you please tell me the advantage of usinga phone over a GSM module for SMS alarm system? the advantage of the GSM modem is the small footprint - the aerial tends to be larger than the modem these days! if it has a tcp/IP stack one can send udp datagrams, connect to tcp servers (e.g. use FTP to download and
if the modem supports tcp/IP you could send data using udp or TDP protocols to a remote server
if your microcontroler has a network connection (e.g. ethernet or wireless) or a tcp/IP enabled modem you could use tcp protocols to access the database
Switch and hub hub was the first generation of tcp/udp protocol , it divides the bandwidth between the stations connected to the network through the hub then comes the switch: it has a high speed backbone bus to accomplish full bandwidth data rate for clients,for your example if the station is 100 Mb/s all of them will transfer data with the same s
Ok, here is the idea. I want to use my Raspberry Pi as a server between PC application and microcontroller. Microcontroller unit will do some stuff and communicate with raspberry Pi via UART and Raspberry Pi will comunicate with PC application via tcp/IP or udp protocol (Accesible over WWW). Also, I want my raspberry Pi to act as a interface betwee
Which IP you want to send data ?? and there are some modes by which you can send data through GSM (like SIM900), tcp , FTP , udp SO first decide by which way you want to send data !!
you need a ethernet mac, udp is higher protocol, althought a stack implementation will contain a mac. now i am implementing on LPC2368 tcp/IP Protocol. Here i am able to tranmit my Data but not receivng Data .I want to know receivng sequence for tcp/IP
Hi, I have a couple of ip cameras everyone of which can be operated either in tcp mode or udp mode but i could not find how to adjust them to udp. There is not such a choice in the setting sections. I need support from a network authority :). Thanks in advance,
Hi, I want to implement packet classification based on ETHERNET/IP/udp/tcp packets. So during search I found that CAM core can be used for classification. But it has limitation that it can not classify range of data which is main thing for classification in design. Is there any possible solution for this? If there is, please suggest. I'm
Hi, I want to know more about Industrial ethernet that uses udp. I know something about ethernet and udp/tcp protocols. I need to know how a PLC can address devices that uses this protocol ? In PROFIBUS a gsd file is used to specify addresses to registers on the slave device, so that a PLC can address the device correctly. A (...)
Hi. I am using SIM900 Module. I like to have your suggestion regarding GPRS communication: -1. For periodic Data send (tcp/udp) with an interval of 5 or 10 sec which method will be good choice - Data (Transparent) Mode or Command Mode? -2. Is there any way to automatic switch from Data Mode to Command Mode when SMS or Voice Call comes (wi